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How Sasikala Always Matched Jayalalithaa's Taste Of Fashion


Jayalalithaa was the supreme leader of Tamil Nadu -- the unbeaten, unabashed, unashamed. Tamil Nadu had gone through a lot since the demise of their leader, Jaya.

Amidst this commotion, Sasikala, the right hand of Jaya, emerged as someone who could potentially rule the state of Tamil Nadu. It's known that she shared a close relationship with Jayalalithaa. They were even living together.

But as going through their past pictures, it has come to our notice that they even shared acute knowledge of coordinated fashion. Their sarees, somehow, always matched. The colours, the patterns, etc. Sasikala was even seen wearing hairstyle same as Jaya.


Deep Hues!

Here, they are seen in dark coloured sarees. Jaya has worn a solid greenish brown saree while Sasikala is seen in ombre red and brown saree.


The Blues

Again, their saree colours match. Sasikala is wearing a deep blue chiffon saree and Jaya is seen in a bluish grey saree.


Bordered Sarees!

Here, the ladies are seen donning different colours yet the pattern of their sarees is similar. Jaya is wearing a purple saree with a sleek border and Sasikala is wearing a brown saree with a sleek border.


In Green!

Now they are actually blending in. Both the ladies have worn green saree.


Shades Of Green

While Jayalalithaa is seen in dark green saree with brown border, Sasikala is in turquoise green saree with no border.


What Is Coordinated Here?

Now you'll ask what is so coordinated here? No colour, no patterns. If you look close, you'll see Sasikala has worn the hairstyle as Jayalalithaa.

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