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7 Stunning Sarees Under Rs 700 For Bridesmaids On A Budget

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Being a bridesmaid can be quite a task, but there should not be any compromises on the fashion aspect of it. The season of weddings coming up and the pressure to look great at the weddings that you attend is quite high.

When you need to dress in a saree that could make heads turn at the wedding, you do not always need to dress expensive. Its all about picking the right trends and wearing the right style for the season.

So, here is a list of 7 sarees under Rs 700/- that you could wear at your friends wedding while doing all the running around and mesmerising people on the go.


The Chequered Saree

This style can be worn on a traditional silk or an art silk with a more quirky vibe to it. This saree here is a perfect balance between both for a modern day bridesmaid.
Buy for Rs 599/-


The Chiffon Saree

To get that sexy vibe at a traditional event, a chiffon saree is the go to saree style. Its the perfect fabric for a bridesmaid who has a lot of running around to do as well.

Buy for Rs 650/-


The Plain Gold Saree

There is nothing like that charm of the Indian golden glow. An evergreen wedding shade, this colour on a saree is a sure shot winner.

Buy for Rs 699/-


The Ombre Saree

Amongst the latest trends, this ombre style is something you should definitely try if keeping up with fashion trends is your style.

Buy for Rs 665/-


The Ikat Saree

This style is got that addition of traditional textiles and is now available as prints on a much more easier-to-handle fabric.

Buy for Rs 449/-


The Striped Saree

Another hot trend, you could experiment all you want with this saree trend and it will be a hit no matter what. Its simple and has variations in colours and thickness, it is a great style to experiment with.

Buy for Rs 549/-


The Eclectic Printed Saree

This type os saree is definitely for the more fun loving type of person and can be worn in various stylish ways as well. The combination of colours and prints makes this one a very lively choice.

Buy for Rs 499/-

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Story first published: Tuesday, June 28, 2016, 16:16 [IST]
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