Fashion Fact: Did You Know, A Person Who Likes Collecting Ties Is Called Grabatologist

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Hola! we're back with our fascinating facts about fashion right here at Boldsky. We talk about various fashion facts, and history of fashion related apparel through our Fashion Fact segment. We spoke about lot of facts here, like history of false eyelashes, Chinese feet, evolution of Bikinis, and many more. But today we're going to talk about a very fascinating and exciting passion of some individuals. We will talk about "Grababtology"- the passion of collecting ties.

A man looks really handsome, decent, neat and classy donning ties and bow ties. But do you know the history of ties? No? Keep reading.

Grabatology: Passion Of Collecting Ties

The neck tie was originated from a silk scarf which was firstly worn by Croatian troops a was later called a cravate. In 1993, wooden bow was created by Mary Beloff and he also carried eight standard handmade designs and demands saying, the only thing you should worry when you wear them is termites and fires.

Grabatology: Passion Of Collecting Ties

In the modern world we are introduced with various types of ties. British ties, American ties, silk ties, Bola tie (official tie of Arizona). So by now we've known about the history of ties, but along with it comes a very weird hobby/passion of some humans related to tie. The love to collect ties, whether they wear them or not, doesn't matter. This phenomena or passion of collection ties is known as Grabatology, and the person who practices the same is known as a Grabatologist.

Grabatology: Passion Of Collecting Ties

Grabatologists, love to have a collection of ties. The ties can be American, British, silk or Bola. They can be scarfs or bow. The only thing which matters to them is, their wardrobe needs to be filled with ties. Some Grabatologist keep saving money, for almost a year just to collect ties, and fulfill their passion.

Grabatology: Passion Of Collecting Ties

We hope you enjoyed reading the facts about Grabatology. Stay tuned for more such fascinating facts about fashion right here on Boldsky; but before that don't forget to give your views on Grabatology.

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