Star Signature Style: Tabu's Beautiful Kashmiri Looks In Haider (Birthday Special)

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When we talk about beauty with sheer grace and innocence it is always Tabu. She has celebrated a successful career in Bollywood. . She is one remarkable actress. Nobody can forget her excellent performance in Chandni Bar and Ghaath. She had taken break from the silver screen for a while, but with the movie Haider she did a fabulous come back.

Haider is a movie which is based on Shakespeare's Hamlet. Tabu had a secret affair with her brother-in-law, when Shahid came to know about it he planned a revenge. The movie also shows the insurgency incidents which happens in Kashmir. . This proves how bold Tabu is to do such a powerful role.

Through out the movie we see Tabu in various Kashmiri outfits as the movie is based on a Kashmiri's life story.She was moslty seen wearing Kashmiri suits with style and ease. It was very evident she loved wearing those salwaar through out the movie. Today on Star Signature Style section, we will talk about Tabu's Kashmiri suits from the movie Haider

First let's talk about her red suit. Tabu wore a beautiful red Kashmiri embroidered suit in a scene. Remember the scene when Shahid Kapoor admires her beauty before he could take the revenge of his mother's infidelity.? We are talking about that red suit. She looked enchanting in luscious red hues.

Star Signature Style: Tabu's Beautiful Looks In Suits In Haider

Second, we have a look when Tabu is seen donning a green suit. The scene of the movie was intense and even her outfit. Her Indian suit was a way too intricate. She looked pretty in the silk green suit. The suit was embellished neatly. It was a best pick for Tabu.

Star Signature Style: Tabu's Beautiful Looks In Suits In Haider

Finally, we have a look of Tabu when she is seen having a conversation while having a walk with Shahid in the movie. She is seen wearing a long, maroon kaftan suit along with a blue dupatta. A not-so-happening match but still looks good on Tabu.

Star Signature Style: Tabu's Beautiful Looks In Suits In Haider

So that was all about Tabu and her gorgeous Kashmiri looks in the movie Haider. Boldsky wishes her a very Happy Birthday. Please feel free to give your comments. Also if you've missed to read about the signature style of your favorite stars then click on: Star Signature Style.

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