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Did You Know That Lisa Haydon's Favourite Indian Designer Is Tarun Tahiliani?

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What happens when personalities like Lisa Haydon, Chitrangada and Shibani come together? Well, people get drunk... over their phenomenally good-looking dresses and scotch. 

At recently held United Spirits event in Bangalore, we met these beautiful ladies talking about their taste in scotch. While we couldn't help but ogle their white dresses, they had some interesting views on fashion as well. 

The United Spirits unveiled an all new scotch whiskey collection. Well, ladies now you have something unique  to gift your boyfriend or husband. Like seriously, how many times are we going to gift them shirts and ties? Let's upgrade our taste and think of something new like... Scotch? 

Moving on... We discovered that Lisa, Chitrangada, and Shibani had specific tastes in scotch and fashion. 

For the event, Lisa wore a white floor-length halterneck dress. She tied her hair in a messy top-knot and was sporting fringes. Lisa maintained sophistication by putting a top-knot and a white dress together.

Lisa Haydon in white dress

We asked Lisa what's fashion for her and she said:

"Fashion for me is a trend that comes and goes, fashion collection, fashion weeks, what's in, what's out, but the style is the way you put it together and express yourselves."

Watch her full video here:

Coming up next... Chitrangada Singh and Shibani Dandekar on fashion and scotch. 

Stay tuned, will be posting the videos in no time. Don't miss it.  

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