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Top 6 February Fashion Tips For Transitioning From Winter To Spring

Top 6 [February] Fashion Tips From Our Favourite Celebrities

Do you know what's worse than feeling like you have nothing to wear, even though your closet is exploding at its seams?

It's the feeling of being cold and sweaty at the same time during the period of late Winter and early Spring.

That's why, to help you pick out outfits that will make you feel awesome during the awkward weather of February, we have come up with a list of the top 6 tips for transitioning your wardrobe from Winter to Spring; inspired from our favourite celebrities of tinsel town. Go ahead and take a look.


Tip #1: Layer It Up, But Keep It Light

It might not be deathly cold, but there still is a nip in the air. So skip your thick, woolen clothes, and instead, go for the light-but-layered look, like you can see in this - simple trousers, t-shirt, and denim jacket look on Kareena Kapoor.

And in this cami dress and jacket on Jacqueline.


Tip #2: Keep It Long

February is usually the month when flowers first start to bud after the gloominess of Winter. Nevertheless, the air is still too frigid now to start wearing your spring skirts and summer camisoles.

That's why it's a good idea to keep your clothes long during this month, even if they are made of thin fabrics or of light wool, like this bell-sleeved, pastel top over-cropped pants on Deepika, or this sleeveless top and long skirt look on Taapsee.


Tip #3: If You Like Ripped Pants, Go For Shreds And Scrapes, Instead Of Full-blown Holes

Full-blown holes will freeze you to death in February (unless it's unexpectedly sunny and warm). So if you like ripped pants, go for shredded and scraped ones this month, like this outfit on Deepika.

You can reserve your inner pant-freak for the more sunnier days.


Tip #4: Wear Brighter Colours

It might not be Spring yet, but it sure feels like it now that the days have started to become longer and the weather slightly more warmer (although, not quite).

Therefore, if you want to celebrate the spring-is-in-the-air weather, wear more pastels and brightly coloured clothes during February, like this blazer on Sidharth Malhotra.


Tip #5: Go Full-out In Traditional Outfits

Late January and February is the wedding season for a reason - it's easier to bear the weight of a tonne of jewellery and the running around when the weather is somewhat cool. That's why, this is the perfect weather for wearing traditional clothes, like sarees, salwar kameez, and kurtis, as they cover you up quite well, but are still light to not drown you in your own sweat.


Tip #6: Dress Up For The Valentine’s Week!

We cannot talk about February and not talk about Valentine's day (and the week leading up to it). So if the weather is kind of awkward, here are our best tips for dressing up for the month of love!

If it's cold outside, wear a long dress with flamboyant sleeves, like bishop or raglan, or a three-piece suit (if you are a man).

If not, express your inner siren with short skirts and tucked in shirts, or wear an eye-catching waistcoat over an outfit of t-shirt and pants (if you are a woman).

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