4 Fashion Inhibitions You Need To Get Rid Off This Year

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Do you avoid wearing a bikini because it's out of your comfort zone? Have you been sticking to the same shades of colour because it's too difficult to try something new? Have you been avoiding those purple highlights which you wanted to get for a year now? Well, if yes is what you have to say for everything asked before, then 2016 is the year you say yes to kill your fashion inhibitions. We have listed 4 major fashion problems with majority of people and today we are letting you know that it's time you get rid of your inhibitions:

Colouring Your Hair: Yes, finally do what your heart has been begging you to do. Colour your hair. You have not done it before, but everything you're experienced at had a first time, isn't it? I know it's really hard for the first timers to actually go and colour their hair, even if it;s a strand. On top of it, it's the uninformed people, they go on telling you about not to colour your hair. And let's not get started with the mention of ammonia, grey hair, and hair fall. But sweetheart, in the end, it's hair, not your hand or a leg that you'll chop off and cannot get back. You can do anything with your hair and not worry since they always grow back. Basic biology, innit? So this year, stop listening to no's and go ahead, colour your hair.

Colour highlights

Going For A Pixie Cut Or A Bob Cut: Seriously, for how long you'll save that long mane? Are you okay with looking the same every day of your lifetime? Many of girls, I know, won't cut their hair, only because they are either too afraid to let length go or they are just scared. This year, let go of these hair inhibitions. I have said it again and I'm going to say it again, it's only hair, it will grow back. You never know you might be missing out on the gorgeous version of you all these years when it only took a simple chopping off your hair.

Get a pixie or bob cut

Wear Heels, Tall Girls: I get this a lot and if a lot can be evaluated it would be the size of Word Trade Park. There are no restrictions on height when it comes to heels. Sure, short girls wear to add an extra inch, but tall can equally use it to accentuate their height. I know how much you love those wedges, the only thing that keep you away from them is the thought of looking like a giraffe. Just look at the models, they 6'1" and they still wear God damn! heels with a smile. So do yourself a favour and let go of your shoe inhibition.

wear heels tall girls

Wear Something You've Been Avoiding: We know you've been avoiding this for the longest time you remember. It could be a dungaree, it could be a skirt or it could be a simple tee. Why wouldn't you wear it? Because it is too edgy for your simple denim-tee look? Don't be so scared of stepping out of the box. You might end up discovering a new side of you.

wear something out of the box
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Story first published: Monday, January 4, 2016, 19:30 [IST]
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