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Anju Modi's Royal Ensembles Inspired By Bajirao Mastani Theme

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Having proved her talent in the movie Raam-leela, Anju is again ready to show us her magical wardrobe.  Sanjay Leela Bhansali's movies are known for their dramatic sets, larger than life characters. And when such traits are matched with a designer wardrobe like Anju Modi's the result is splendid. 

Something of which we witnessed at Blender's Pride Fashion Week yesterday in Delhi. The fashion week was kickstarted by Anju Modi's collection inspired by Bajirao Mastani.  Anju has already contributed to Bajirao Mastani's wardrobe and as suggested by trailers, the costumes look grand. 

We know Deepika Padukone always look drop-dead gorgeous, and now Anju has credited a bit more to Deepika's already stylish look. Well, to be honest, 'a bit more' is an understatement. Let's say Anju has beautified Deepika to an another level. 

Putting together the pieces for Blender's Pride Fashion Week, Anju confessed that her this year's collection was quite demanding. So let's not waste anymore minutes, and look through the grand Anju Modi's collection.


Weaved In Bridal Hues

In India brides love donning anything and everything red. Anju Modi has given us a perfect example of one such bridal wear in this.


Blue Is The New Red

The beautiful blue chiffon matched with a white skirt. We love how the hues have blended in, and have transpired into a beautiful ethnic wear.


A Splendid Fall

We love how Anju has paid details to the fall of the dress. The drape is also worth appreciation.


Art Of Subtelty

Minimalistic work. The ensemble is handsomely put together.


Contrasting Hues

We love the affair of contrasting hues, and the drama added by chiffon.


Bridal Tunic

Pay attention to the neat skirt and the bridal tunic. Also, how the duppatta accentuates the entire look of outfit.


Crop-top Is A Must

Intricate blouse and the grand fall of the skirt indeed appears royal.


Blend-in That Floral

Brides always prefer the gaudy red and bling, but floral can equally accentuates your beauty. Notice the white cape and floral lehenga combo.


Color Of Maize

We love how Anju has neatly put a long kurta with a skirt. Yellow enhances the entire look. This could be ideal wear for a reception.


That Lovely Drape

Though yellow completes the look, but let us not surpass the lovely drape in this ensemble.

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