Remember The Movie Fashion? Yes? Let's Steal Some Style Tips From It

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Fashion is a 2008 Indian drama film directed by Madhur Bhandarkar. The screenplay of the movie was something to be appreciated. Music was composed by SalimSuliaman, and the songs were extremely soothing and fabulous.

The film features Priyanka Chopra in the lead role as Meghna Mathur, anaspiring fashion model; that follows her transformation from a smalltown girl to a supermodel. . Fashion, being a glamorous movie, also supported feminism and female power in Indian fashion. The cast further included Kangana Ranaut, Mughdha Godse, Arbaaz Khan and many more in the supporting roles. Also, several professional fashion models played themselves in the movie.

The movie Fashion is based on the reality of the fashion world. The passion, compassion, glamour, fame, lust, betrayal, compromises uff! What not. But the fashion and style quotient of the movie was not a let down. The storyline and the name of the movie were parallel to each other.

Let's have a sneak peek at Fashion's wardrobe and see what style tips could be stolen from th famous glamorous movie .

1. The Diva Showstopper- Shonali Gujral

Bollywood Style Notebook: Style Tips To Steal From The Movie Fashion

Kangana Ranaut played the role of Shonali Gujral and she killed it. She enters in a very dramatic and arroagnt way, the perfect attitude a showstopper should have. She was seen wearing a black tassel and sheer gown. The top of the gown was tasseled on sheer and the bottom was leathered with a thigh-high slit. Nobody else could have done it better han Kangana Ranaut.

2. The Marjawaan Moment

Bollywood Style Notebook: Style Tips To Steal From The Movie Fashion

The Marjaawan song is the moment when Meghna Mathur(Priyanka Chopra) gets her first show. Kangana aka Shonali Gujral is the showstopper again. Here we get to see Kangana in a red faux feather stole and a cream sequin gown embellished with stones. The best part of the dress was the train, which took away hearts of millions.

3. Introducing- Meghna Mathur

Bollywood Style Notebook: Style Tips To Steal From The Movie Fashion

Priyanka Chopra whoplayed the role of Meghna Mathur, a struggling model. She gets her first show, and she kills it at the first go itself. She was seen in a bohemian embroidered gown. The gown was haltered and flared at the bottom. The best part in her ensemble was her head-gear. The dangling head-gear gave her the warrior princess look.

4. The Sexy Sequin Bikini

Bollywood Style Notebook: Style Tips To Steal From The Movie Fashion

Bikinis, oomph! Sexy, isn't it? Her figure is the epitome of beauty and sexiness. She donned a sexy silver sequin bikini with a tassel robe. She looks magnificent, even now so many girls desire that beach look.

We love the fashion quotient of the movie Fashion, if you like it, too; then grab these looks immediately. This was all for today, for more news on Bollywood-inspired fashion, click on: Bollywood Style Notebook.

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