5 Bollywood Divas You Should Reach Out For Style Tips In 2016

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Happy New Year 2016! So how was the party last night? How are you keeping up with the hangover? We hope you played the best with shimmer last night, Courtesy: our post for New Year's Eve Outfits.

We have changed our calendars today and many plan to change their habits, too. And let us not forget our favourite topic of all time - Fashion. We have already covered a few pieces on the trends of 2016, but today let's focus entirely on our Bollywood divas. Bollywood is a great inspiration for fashion lovers. And the top-notch divas are the ones who make it so gorgeous.

Well, as per our 2015 statistics, 5 of the top Bollywood divas aced fashion last year and are most likely to do that again in this year. And believe us when we say this, these have been hand picked for you guys. However, every Bollywood diva is a fashion maven herself, but these 5 have won our hearts in 2015. And we are sure, they have won yours too.

So to modify or accelerate your wardrobe, we recommend you to keep an eagle eye on these 5 B-town babes. Of course, we have selected each of them for a reason. So let's give you guys the reasons why you need to follow the wardrobe of the below-mentioned divas:


Kangana Ranaut: For Her Quirky Mix-Match

Kangana Ranaut has this quirky sense of fashion. She swooned us in 2015 with her vibrant and classy outfits. She is the one who would go around matching horizontal and vertical stripes. Or, wear a stark yellow plated skirt with frills. So if you long for quirky bits in your wardrobe, keep scanning Kangana's outfits for the updates.


Anushka Sharma: For Her Simplicity

Anushka is not much of an-out-of-the-box personality, but man she looks gorgeous in her simple attires. She is more of a white shirt, blue jeans girl and everything centers around her white sneakers. So this New Year's if you want to keep your outfits simple, Anushka is the perfect choice to take style tips from.


Deepika Padukone: For Her Grand Ensembles

Deepika Padukone! Of course, how could we miss her! Her grand sarees and lehengas had done enough to us. So this year if you seek something regal, Deepika is your best card. You are also likely to get a lot of Sabyasatchi motifs since the diva has a fetish for the designer's work.


Konkona Sen: For Her Bohemian Saree Drapes

Konkona Sen for those who need no reason to drape a saree around. She adds a modern touch to the modest Indian saree. Learn draping tips from Konkona and watch her close she might give out more of her draping mantras this year.


Alia Bhatt: For Her College-Goer Outfits

Alia Bhatt was a big deal for us during the promotions of Shaandaar. Well, why wouldn't she? She taught us how to mix pop art with a dress and add badges to a simple white shirt. Starting college this year? Alia Bhatt has a lot of cute, college-like style tips for you guys.

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