B-Town Stars' Crazy Halloween Costumes

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Pumpkins, bats, witches, mummies, and everything spooky is what constitutes Halloween. A day when everybody is ready to embrace the scary world. When a mere trick or a treat can bring smile to your little girl's face. 

The best part of a Halloween is the costumes. People take weeks to ponder over their costumes and the result surprisingly is startling. Workplaces are accentuated with pumpkins and bats decorations while employees vie to look the deadliest.

Since so much effort has put into costumes and to be fair Halloween is all about costumes, shall we not reflect on what our Bollywood stars have worn over the last few Halloweens? This will also make your this year's Halloween costume picking a way easy, you can simply take some costume tips from your B-town stars. So let's get to business now and show you the best B-town celebs Halloween costumes over the years. Prepare to get scared because this will be scary:

Shraddha Kapoor looks startling in her Black Swan eye makeup. 

A Look Over Bollywood Halloween

Here Priyanka Chopra looks like she has walked out of a Pop Art comic.

A Look Over Bollywood Halloween

Jacky and Sonam, the B-town besties, had kept it very simple and cliched. Jacky here is what we get from the cat ears -- a cat woman, and Sonam is a witch. Seriously guys? No efforts for Halloween from your end.

A Look Over Bollywood Halloween

Well, Aditya Roy Kapur had done better than Sonam and Jacky, at least we can't make it who is behind that V For Vendetta mask.

A Look Over Bollywood Halloween

Fardeen Khan is what we can make out is a prince and the lady next to him Snow White. 

A Look Over Bollywood Halloween

What do you guys think about these B-town stars costumes? Well, we think PC and Kunal has done a great job and Jacky and Sonam could definitely learn something from them for this year's Halloween.  

So fellas, one day left for October 31, have you decided any costume yet or are you going to end up buying Dracula teeth again? 

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