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8 Times PeeCee Taught You About The Latest Trends In Sunglasses

By Dona

If you ask a travel freak about his/her necessary travel goodies, you would definitely get a mention of one or more pairs of cool shades. Alike actress Priyanka Chopra, who loves to travel and also maintains a hobby of collecting cool pairs of shades. From aviators to reflectors, her collection of sunglasses is trendsetting.

There are some crazy shades styles which you can totally grab from PeeCee's vacay diaries.


The Latest One

Priyanka posted a picture of her today on her social media page where she looks absolutely stunning. She is seen sailing on a boat with a striped dress on and a pair of cool round framed shades that look too hot on her.

Depending on your facial shape, if these shades with John Lennon rimmed frame suit you, they are surely going to make you rock.


Wayfarer Love

PeeCee has got some things with wayfarers, and is your mind ticking in thinking what are wayfarers? These types of shades Priyanka wore a few days back are called wayfarer glasses. Priyanka looked stunning in them and so can you. Wayfarer frames are mostly fit for round or oval shaped faces and if you have one of this kind of face structure, you have won the game.


During Her Birthday Vacation

Priyanka wore this pair of half-shaded rimmed shades during her birthday vacation with her family at Maldives. The rims of her shades were very unique and also very cool. The rounded pair of shades had a full-rimmed frame but what made it unconventional was its bi-shaded rim. The upper half was silver while the lower arch had the colour of the shades, black.

These types of shades, like regular round-rimmed shades, suit girls with longer face sttructure, be it oval or diamond shaped faces.


Some Random Day Wear

Priyanka wore this classy pair of shades for a casual day outing. You can try such a pair for a vacation too. She manages to look too sexy in the pentagonal framed shades. As they are too wide and you need to be wise enough to choose this according to your face structure, we recommend this for just bigger faces. Small and round faced people should avoid this to spare the fashion horror.


Paris Diaries

PeeCee was seen wearing this pair of rounded shades but with a touch of uniqueness. The rim was classy and the retrospective feel was pretty much visible in the look. As this had a smaller shape, people with varied facial structure can try a similar one. Just mind that your facial structure is not too thin as that might make your face shape look odd while putting on a pair like this.


Stunning The Sun

As Priyanka loves experimenting with her sunglasses, we saw another classy yet unconventional design of shades in her stylebooks. Here, she wore a pair of aviators which was made unique with an extended rim-line. She posed with her best friend Tamanna Dutt for a selfie and we totally love this pair from her collection.

The one Tamanna is wearing is also very cool and also so much in fashion these days. The retro wide framed shades are back and they are totally killing it with a sensational touch.


Wearing The Missing Rim-line

If you feel something is blank in this pair of shades then yes, it is the smaller rim-line that connects the frames. This is unique and also very stylish. A pair of aviators is anyone's favourite and it suits most face shapes pretty well. You call truly try on such a unique touch in the already sassy aviators.


The Reflector Mania

Priyanka uploaded her image with a friend during their vacation, both wearing sexy sunglasses. PeeCee rocked the look in the reflector aviators while her friend was casual with her fibre framed shades.

If you want to opt for Priyanka's look in relfectors, you got to have a big face and a long jaw line. If you have a small face and still love relfectors, go for the small rounded frame ones. They will make you look incredible.

Styling is not about what suits you but how you carry it. Hence, if you can carry the sassiest of the mentioned types of shades, you can totally be a stunner.

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