Making Spicy White Sauce For Pastas

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For all the pasta and penne recipes, you require white sauce. The creamy mixture gives the authentic flavour of Italy and is one of the main ingredients required to cook pastas just like the professionals. Take a look to know how to go about with the making of white sauce. Ofcourse, it is a rich sauce recipe, but for once in a while, it is definitely worth the preparation.

White Sauce Recipe

Making Spicy White Sauce For Pastas


  1. 2 tbsp butter (salted)
  2. 2 tbsp flour
  3. 1 cup milk
  4. 1 tsp onion juice
  5. Chopped chives/oregano/parsley

Making The Italian Sauce:
1. In a sauce pan, add a tablespoon of salted butter and flour. Stir well for about a minute.
2. Slowly add milk to the mixture and stir continuously. Continue to cook until it gets thick (depends on the consistency you want). You can add salt if required.
3. For flavour, add onion juice, chopped herbs, pepper powder etc. Tasty white sauce is ready.
Add the freshly prepared white sauce to the cooking pasta with some chopped and boiled mushrooms, olives and your delicious Italian recipe is ready.

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