Fantastic 5 Ways To Use Eggs

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Ways To Use Eggs
Protein rich eggs are wonder ingredients of cooking as many dishes can be prepared using them. They taste the best, provide nourishment, not so high in calories and very versatile. Today, we will suggest 10 best ways or cooking tips using eggs. Take a look.

Eggs make the best topping to dishes, they are best blenders and binders. Those who love eggs keep experimenting by trying on a variety of recipes.

Vegans know about the power of eggs even better as their eggless cakes and pastries require a lot of additions to makeup to the taste. Here some best uses of eggs.

Cooking Tips For Egg Recipes

1. Pizzas & Burgers – You need not have to search for toppings and fillers when eggs are around. Simply crack them on cheese base and bake for a few minutes. Your egg pizza is ready.
Even the burgers can have an omelette filling instead of mayonnaise and high calorie potato cutlets.

2. To Prepare Pastas & Cakes – Eggs and flour can be combined together to obtain thin, golden pastas which can be dried, stored in a container and cooked with fresh tomatoes, olives and oregano.
Whipped eggs can be mixed with butter and flour to prepare wonderful fluffy cakes.

3. Wonderful Starter & Weekend Meal - A boiled egg can be a base for a mixed vegetable and salsa sauce topping. It can also be baked in a ramkin with chopped vegetables and spice.

4. Fried Rice & Spicy Toast – The Chinese fried rice can also contain bits of the boiled egg. The yellow portion of the egg can be made an omelette and sandwiched between flavoured toasted breads.

5. Egg Topping And Salad – The beaten eggs are buttery and best replacers of cream, yogurt and mayonnaise. Topping a plain cake with the 'cloud form' of egg with nutmeg garnish is best and a simple toast. Even the colourful salads can have the rich taste of sliced boiled eggs.

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Story first published: Wednesday, February 8, 2012, 11:20 [IST]
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