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Tropical Iceberg: Cold Coffee With Ice Cream

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Tropical Iceberg is something you are used to ordering in your favourite coffee shop. Although it sounds very exotic, tropical iceberg is just cold coffee with an ice cream. It sounds like an easy cold coffee recipe to try, but you can never get the same texture of Tropical Iceberg at home. What you need to know is an experts tip to make this interesting blend of coffee with ice cream.

The cold coffee recipe is not really going to change. But to make the perfect Tropical Iceberg, your perspective of preparing coffee has to change.

Tropical Iceberg

Serves: 2

Preparation Time: 20 minutes


  • Whole milk- 500 ml (chilled)
  • Chocolate ice cream- 3 scoops
  • Coffee powder- 2tsp
  • Sugar- 2tbsp
  • Vanilla essence- few drops
  • Chocolate sauce- 1 cup
  • Fresh cream- 1 cup
  • Crushed ice- 1 cup
  • Electronic blender


1. Take chilled milk from the refrigerator and blend it with one scoop of ice cream, coffee powder and sugar.

2. You need an electronic beater or blender for this. It will become frothy only when you whip the coffee with it.

3. Add vanilla essence to the milk, ice cream and coffee mixture. You can add a bit of chocolate sauce to the mixture if you want.

4. Beat the coffee and milk mixture until it becomes totally consistent.

5. Now pour the blended mixture into two tall glasses. Fill it to the half way mark.

6. Top it with a layer of fresh cream and drizzle chocolate sauce on it. Then fill the rest of the glass with coffee.

7. Add another layer of fresh cream and drizzle some more chocolate suave.

8. Leave some space near the brink to add the ice cream scoops.

9. Add 2 spoonfuls of crushed ice and then float the ice cream in the cold coffee.

You can serve Tropical Iceberg with just plain straws or small fancy umbrellas.If you want to make it look like a really exotic drink like the ones you buy from coffee shops then you need to add a few frills. Pour chocolate sauce out of a driping bottle to layer the walls of the glass with chocolate sauce. After the cold coffee recipe is ready, add the cream like a blob of icing on a cake. For this you need to use an icing pouch. Add a cherry or any other piece of fruit to make it look ornamental. And most importantly, drink the coffee before it becomes warm.

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