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On Kareena Kapoor’s Birthday, Her 6 Stunning Hairstyles To Suit Your Every Occasion

Happy birthday Kareena Kapoor Khan! Kareena doesn't need an introduction. She has been an icon in more ways than one. Whether it is in the unapologetic way she carries herself or her many beauty looks that just wow us every time she makes an appearance. When it comes to hair and make-up, Bebo knows her stuff and nails her look every time. So, today, we thought we will bring to you six of her best hair looks that will come in handy on any occasion.

As women, how we style our hair is a major part of our overall personality. We all usually have a signature hairstyle that we do every day without a thought. And then, we feel a need for change. We want to try different hairstyles and haircuts to refresh our look. But, we aren't very sure of what hairstyle should we go for. And that is where we turn to our favourite celebrities. And Kareena is on top of the list. She has some amazing hairstyles in store for you to try and enjoy. Let's look at these hairstyles.

1. The Wavy Hair

Loose wavy hair is the most loved hairstyle of all times. No matter the length of your hair, this hairstyle can always spruce up your look. Kareena wore a simple and stunning loose waves hairstyle for an episode of the TV reality show Dance India Dance and it is a perfect look for a regular day at the school or work or for a fun time with your friends. This look can be carried on any occasion effortlessly.

Just middle-part your hair from the front and curl your hair in loose wavy. Run your fingers through them for a messy look and finish off the look by spraying some hair spray all over your hair and you're done!

2. The Messy Ponytail

A ponytail is the staple hairstyle for many of us. But the regular ponytail can be a little bit tedious and repetitive. So, why not take a cue from Kareena's look book and notch up the plain ponytail. Kareena Kapoor wore a quintessential messy ponytail at the Akash Ambani wedding. It was a dreamy hairstyle that was really just your regular ponytail smartened up a bit.

To get this look, start by curling the ends of your hair in loose waves, wait for it to cool down a bit and then tie it in a high ponytail. Pull out some strands of your hair on either side and put them frame your face with these.

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3. The Rope Braid

Braid for most of us means the regular three-strand braid. And a french braid or dutch braid is our way of taking a break from the regular braid. But, there is a new and spicy braid in town that Bebo just rocked and left us gasping. And that is her stunning rope braid. This braid makes u for a cool, elegant and fun hairdo and can be carried off easily by anyone and on any occasion. It is a must-try for all those who love braiding their hair.

To make a rope braid, tie your hair in a high ponytail and divide it into two equal sections. Twist both the sections in one direction and wrap them around each other in the opposite direction. Secure the ends using a hair tie and there you have it, a stunning rope braid.

4. The Side-braid Ponytail

The side braid is another beautiful addition to notch up your casual ponytail. Kareena wore this look once again at the dance reality show Dance India Dance. This is a great hairdo to wear at the office. It is fun yet formal and adds an element of grace to your look.

To get this hairdo, middle-part your hair from the front, take a section of hair just from the top of your head and weave it in a rope braid. Keep weaving until you reach behind your hair and secure it at the back using some bobby pins. Repeat the same process on the other side as well. Tie your hair in a low ponytail and you're done.

5. The Wet Look

The wet look is the 'in' look right now and everyone is trying it out. Kareena raised the temperature with her sleek and wet look for an episode of DID. Her look was elegant, sophisticated, stylish and graceful. This is a great look to wear on a date night, a cocktail party or a fun night out with friends.

To get this look, curl your hair in loose waves at the ends. When it cools down, dampen your hair a bit and side-part it from the front. Take some hair gel and apply it all over your hair for the wet effect. Spray some hair spray on your hair to keep the hair in place.

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6. The Thin Braid

If you have thin hair and you think you can never try those fun hairstyle, don't worry. Kareena has a classy solution for all the girls out there with thin hair. This is an unusual look that might make you second guess, but trust us, it will look amazing. You can wear this hairdo at school, at work or any party and you'll wow everyone around you.

To get this look, comb all your backwards, take a chunk of hair from the middle front and flip it forward. Now, weave a French braid from the rest of your hair. Once done, tease the hair at the front a bit and flip them back again and you'll have a fluffy and stunning hairdo.

And these were six amazing hairstyles from Kareena that we absolutely love. Hope you found them useful and would give them a go. Which one was your favourite? Do tell us in the comment section below.