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5 Non-Boring Hairstyles For Girls With Medium-Length Hair

Believe it or not, medium-length hair is the most versatile hair length. It is also the hair length that is most comfortable to experiment with. Truly, with the medium-length hair, you can pull off any hairstyle, from buns to ponytails and crazy curls. So, why stick to the normal?

You can easily spruce up your medium hair with some simple yet quirky hairstyles. So, if you are searching for some hairstyles for your medium hair that aren't too crazy to do but look stylish, we are here to help!

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Check out these hairstyles that are perfect for even the beginners.


Double Buns


This double-buns hairstyle looks stylish and adorable. And the best part? It can be done in just 5 minutes. Just part your hair in the middle, take the section of hair in the front on either side, twist it and wrap it into a bun. Do the same on the other side and you are done. You can use some hair spray to keep the buns in place. Pull out a few strands of hair to frame your face and adds softness to the look.


Half Bun With Bangs

PC: Instagram/Pulp Riot Hair Color

This 90s vibe hairstyle is also a great option for girls with medium-length hair. This is an awesome upgrade to the half-ponytail hairstyle that is loved by all. To get this look, straighten you hair with an outward curl at the ends. Now, take your front hair in a half ponytail and wrap it up at the top of your head to create a messy bun. If you have bangs, do a side parting and place it on your forehead in a slanting manner. And there you have the modern version of 90s popular hairstyle.


Curly Waterfall

PC: Instagram/Delaney

Gone are the days when straight hair used to rule the beauty world. Curly hair is the new craze in the beauty town. Bouncy curls always work to sprinkle life into even the most basic looks. All you need to master is the curling process. But, aren't you bored with the same of curls or waves with open hair? We bet you are! Try this spicy version of the bouncy curls.

Curl all of your hair in tight curls. Let it cool down a bit. Take all of your curls and tie them on the top of your head in a high ponytail and you will have a hairstyle with curls falling off your head in a waterfall style.

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Braids Trio

PC: Instagram/Quirkyhair

Love Dutch braid? So, why stick to just one, when you can have three? This wild hairstyle might look intimadating, but it is super easy to recreate. With some practice, this hairstyle will only take you a few minutes. This is one of those hairstyles that will leave the people around you in awe and wonder.

Here's the secret to this hairstyle- work in sections and pin the rest of the hair. Divide your hair in three sections- left, middle and right. Start from the any side that you prefer. Create Dutch braid on any side and tie it up when it reaches your ear. Repeat the same with the other sides. At last, pull the rest of your hair along with these braids in a ponytail.


Bedazzled Bun

PC: Instagram/Xandra_bites

Who needs complex hairstyle when hair accessories can make your hairdo special! For all of you who havana idea where to begin when it comes to hair styling, we suggest investing in some bejewelled hair accessories. Go for your regular bun and all you need to do is add these dazzling hair accessories to make it look quirky. Simple, isn't it?

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