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Love Playing With Colours? These 7 Multicolour Nail Art Designs Will Get You Covered This Summer!

Who doesn't love flaunting long and beautiful nails? But long nails aren't just about growing and giving them perfect shape. If you want your nails to steal the attention, you need to make them look attractive. Nail polish and nail art are the perfect ways to style your nails and if done amazingly, it can bring you a lot of compliments. While with a single tone, you can make it look elegant and pretty, on the other hand, experimenting with nail art designs, can make it look ultra-stylish and eye-catching. Depending on your outfit, season, or occasion, you can design your nails in different patterns and colours.

Since, summer season is on and multicolour tops and dresses are doing all the talking this season, let's up the colourful fashion by adding in the colours to your nails too. There are a variety of patterns and designs, you can choose from to create amazing nail arts with multicolours. So, if you are looking for the different nail art designs to create with multicolours, we've got you covered with 7 ideas. Take a look.

1. The Swirl Stripes

Stripes can be created in multiple ways. You can go for straight stripes, pin stripes, bold strips, others. But haven't they become outdated and boring? So, spruce up your stripe game and try out the swirl stripes. It looks fancy, cool, and perfect for this season. The swirl stripes nail art design can be created with multicolours or with the multiple shades of the same colour.

2. The Half-Painted Nails

Want to play with multicolours but confused about how to make it look stylish and cool? Just pick your favourite colours and paint your nails half for a striking effect. To get it done right and neatly, paste tape on the half part of your nails and then apply the nail polish. Once the paint dries, remove the tape and you're done.

3. The Tie-Dye Nails

The tie-dye tees-trend has been very popular these days and now it's the time to make statement with tie-dye nails too. To make a colourful splash on your nails, first put some small quantity of your favourite colours on a nail paint. Then use sponge brush to create the design by dabbing multi-colours on your nails.

4. The Single Tone

If you are not willing to experiment much and instead want to keep it elegant and beautiful, go for single tone. By single tone, we don't mean you have to apply the same colour, choose your favourite colours and paint each nail with a different colour. For the better finished look, go for matte nail polish.

5. The Dots

Another way to make a colourful splash on your nails is the dots. Create dots with multiple colours on each nail and you'll end up making your nails look attractive and impressive. You can use a nail art pen to make your dots look clean. While creating the dots, you can either cover the full nail or use tapes to create dots in a particular shape.

6. The Checkered Art

Checkered nail art looks super fancy and is trending a lot these days. You need two different colours for each nail to create this cool nail art. The checks can be created either on a full nail or you can use tape to give it half-moon-like shape. Start by applying a single colour on your nails. Then use a nail art pen to create a grid with another colour. Then take a dotting tool to fill in the alternate squares.

7. The French Tips

After French manicures, the French nail tips have taken over the nail art trend. To create this nail art, you don't have to paint your full nails. All you have to do is place a stencil or use tape and paint only the tips of your nails. Paint each nail with a different colour to make your nails stand out.

So, are you ready to play with colours and flaunt those long beautiful nails? Let us know that in the comment section.

Story first published: Friday, April 16, 2021, 16:30 [IST]