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LFW W/F 2019 Day 1: The Prominent Beauty Trends

Lakme Fashion Week Winter Festive 2019 has just begun and it isalreadysetting some impressive beauty trends. Lakme Fashion Week is the biggest fashion event in India and we shouldn't expect any less. The first day of the show went pretty smooth and displayed a wide range of designs and proved the mettle of our talented designers. From Amit Aggarwal to Pallavi Mohan and Gen Next designers, all brought some unique elements to the ramp.

Talking about beauty trends, there were a few noteworthy beauty trends thatdeserve applause from us. These trends worked mainly because they didn't overpower the designs and idea of the collection being presented. So, what are these beauty trends? Let's find out!

The Glossy Skin

Glossy and luminous skin was quite a prevalent beauty trend in this edition of Lakme Fashion Week. Mostly seen in the Amit Aggarwal show,presented by RElan, the glossy look made a distinct statement. Lisa Hayden turned showstopper for this particular show where the designer showcased his collection Flux and she was a glittering goddess in that perfect glossy skin, bronzed base and cheekbones highlighted to perfection.

A Pop Of Colour

The next beauty trend that was distinguishable was that of a colourful pop in the eye. This trend was mainly seen in the equally colourful collection of Saaksha & Kinni. The collection being presented was all about the colours and prints of our nation and the same theme translated into the make-up of the models as well.
With a neutral and bronzed base, the pop of pink and peach colours at the inner corner of the eyes and lips of the models gave the entire look a unique element.

Accessorised Hair

Talking about the hair trend that was seen on the first day of the celebrated Lakme Fashion Week, it was the hair accessories that took the front row. Seen across various shows, this particular trend was mostly highlighted in the Six5sixstreet, Gundistudio, Spacebiskit and Jaywalking show presented by StreetFeat and the Saaksha & Kinni show.
While the show presented by StreetFeat had bandana, beads and hairpins as accessories, Saaksha & Kinni show had peach and blue twisted hair bands going across the model's high bun.

The Sleek Hairdo

Keeping with the hair trends, here is another one. Okay, we know! This hair trend was not seen across the shows but in a particular show- Pallavi Mohan show. But it did deserve a mention in our list simply due to the fact that this one hair trend will resonate with us. It is a neat, crisp and clean hairdo that can be worn by anyone at any given occasion. With side-parted hair and a low bun at the back, this hairdo helped the designs come to their fullest and shine through.