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7 Ways To Wear Ribbon In Your Hair

Ribbon is a hair accessory that was quite popular back in the day, especially in school. We used to tie in our ponytail and braid all the time. But, then we never went back to putting the ribbon in hair. Maybe it was because we thought that is an oldfashioned way to style the hair. But, let us tell you that is not the case anymore.


Ribbon in a hair accessory that is as good as the way it is styled. And believe you me, there are various ways to style your hair using a ribbon. A ribbon is a hair accessory that can lift your look in a jiffy. Choose a ribbon that matches the shade of your attire or just for the basic black one and see what a difference it makes on your look as a whole. With that in mind, here we are today to share with you 7 amazing ways in which you can use ribbon in your hair. We have listed them from the simpler to complex.


1. Tied Around Your Head As A Hairband

This is the simplest and quickest way to use the ribbon. Take the ribbon of the colour of your choice. Place it as a hairband on top of your head and tie it at the back below your hair. This is the easiest way to amp up your look without spending a fortune.

2. As A Bow Atop Your Ponytail

If super-high ponytail is your style and you have got short hair, this is the best way to use a ribbon to style your hair. Just tie your hair in a high ponytail and tie a crisp bow at the front. Add bangs to the look to make it more fun. Use a thick ribbon to add some drama and oomph factor to the look.

3. Tied At The End of Your Braid

Braids are a hairstyle almost all of us wear on a regular basis. No matter the type of braid you go fr, a ribbon tied at the end can liven up your braided hairdo. Either tie the ribbon at the end of the braid or weave it into the braid to give to some definition and a pop of colour.

4. To Accessorise Your Bun

Do you think buns are plain and boring? Well, think again. The bun you tied your hair into just to get it off your face can be made a style statement with the addition of a single ribbon. Do a chic bun or a messy one and accessorise it with a bright ribbon by putting the ribbon along the perimeter of the bun and see the magic. A velvet ribbon is a great choice when it comes to styling the bun.

5. To Weave A Multi-Tied Braid

A multi-tied braid is reserved for the days you don't feel like going for your regular hairstyle and you also don't want to spend hours styling the hair. Make the multi-tied braid even more special by using ribbons instead of hair ties. This is best done with black ribbons so that it blends in seamlessly with your hair.

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6. As A Ponytail Wrap

Well, a ribbon is one of the many ways to enhance the look of your ponytail. To create a wrapped ponytail, you would need a long ribbon. This specific wrapping is known as Chinese ladder braid. You can, however, wrap your ponytail in any shape and form that you like. Tilt the ribbon a bit, wrap half of the ponytail and keep the rest of the ribbon hanging or wrap the entire ponytail, there are so many ways to do this hairstyle. It really is entirely up to you how you prefer to style your ponytail.

7. Wrapped Around The Half Updo In A Bow

If a half updo is your kind of hairstyle, spice it up by adding a ribbon. Make a basic knot or go for an elaborate one like the one shown above, whatever you feel comfortable in and it will work wonders for your hairstyle. A short and thick ribbon should be your preference for the ribbon. But, if you are using a thin strand ribbon, make sure you use a shorter one that doesn't make it look childish.

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Story first published: Monday, October 28, 2019, 12:51 [IST]
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