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How To Do A Faux Bob: Step-By-Step Guide

All of us at some time have contemplated going for the bob haircut. It is a huge step that can very well turn into a major regret. After all, chopping off the length that we so love isn't an easy choice to make. Still, that doesn't stop us from flirting with the idea of trying this short and trendy haircut. So, should you go for it?

We say why take the lunge when you can fake it? You can enjoy the bob haircut with a faux bob style that is getting quite a hype now. If you want to flaunt that bob, here's how it's done.

This step-by-step guide to a faux bob is super easy and perfect for hair of any length. Here we go!

How To Do A Faux Bob

Step 1: Comb through your hair and spritz your hair with some hair spray to add grip.

Step 2: Use a comb to part your hair in the middle. Divide your hair into three sections- left, right and back. So you have two vertical sections(left and right) and one horizontal section(back).

Step 3: Next, tie the back section into a regular braid that runs horizontally from one end of your head to the other, and lays flat against your head. Tie the end of the braid with a plastic band.

Step 4: Next, coil the braid and pin it flat against your head using some bobby pins. Don't worry, you don't have to be perfect. The braid is going to be hidden inside your hair. The purpose of the braid is to provide a grip to hold the rest of your hair.

Step 5: Take medium sections of your hair left open. Tie the ends with a plastic band and fold the hair until you get the desired length for your faux bob.

Step 6: Using a bobby pin, pin the folded hair onto the braid you created earlier.

Step 7: Repeat this process until all of your hair are pinned to the braid and you have a stunning faux bob to flaunt.

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Cover Image Credit: Kelseyavedastudent Instagram

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Story first published: Wednesday, October 21, 2020, 13:30 [IST]