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5 Easy And Quick Hairstyles You Can Do With A Scrunchie To Look Effortlessly Flawless!

Ever happened? You're lying on bed, feeling lazy, and in a mood to do just nothing but relax and suddenly your bestie comes to your place to take you out for shopping and asks you to get ready in just a few minutes. While you wear your daily jeans and a tee, you still don't know what to do with your messy, unwashed, oily hair. But hey, don't worry as a scrunchie can come to your rescue! Scrunchies of the late 1980s, are back in trend and you know, a single scrunchie can change your overall look in under 5 minutes. Ponytail or braid, whatever might be your go-to hairstyle, using a scrunchie instead of a hair-tie, can make your look adorable in just no time. So, here are the 5 easy and quick hairstyles you can do with a scrunchie to look flawless effortlessly.

1. The Scrunchie Bun/Top Knot

Whether you're at home or heading towards the gym, top knot and buns are the most sorted hairstyles one can wear everyday. A scrunchie is the best way to elevate this classic hairstyle. To create the hairstyle, first, simply throw all your hair into a top knot or a high bun. Then instead of securing it with hair-tie, use a bow-styled scrunchie to tie the bun. Use bobby pins to secure the extra hair.

2. The Crown-Style Scrunchie Bun

The other way you can spruce up your classic bun is by styling it with a scrunchie in the crown manner. For this, you need a wide scrunchie, whether of a single colour or a printed one. To create this hairstyle, tie all your hair into a mid-back bun, just like how you usually make. And then surround it with a wide scrunchie to make it look like a crown.

3. The Scrunchie French Braid

French braids come to the rescue on the days when you have oily hair and you have absolutely no time to wash them. However, to turn your classic French braid into an attractive and eye-catching hairstyle, all you need is a silk-fabric tail scrunchie. Simple start the braid from the top of your head and continue braiding it all the way down. Once your reach the mid-end, use the tail scrunchie to tie it.

4. The Scrunchie Ponytail/Half Ponytail

Take your high ponytail hairstyle game a notch higher with the help of a scrunchie or better we recommend, scarf scrunchie. The scarf scrunchie not only acts as an adorable hair-tie but also adds drama with its scarf. If not high ponytail, you can use your cute scarf scrunchie on the half ponytail, which is literally a 2-minute hairstyle.

5. The Scrunchie Bubble Braid

Why use a single scrunchie when you can actually go for multiple of them? Grab some different coloured satin scrunchies and accessorise your bubble braid with it. To get the look, first pull all your hair back into a ponytail or a half ponytail. Secure it with a single-coloured scrunchie. Now, use another scrunchie of different colour to tie your hair a few inches below the first one. Repeat the process and continue using different scrunchies until you get multiple bubbles. Once done, pull the bubbles of your ponytail softly, to loosen it a little and give it a perfect bubble shape.

So, are you ready to take your hairstyle game a notch with scrunchies? Which scrunchie hairstyle did you like the most? Let us know that in the comment section.

Story first published: Friday, April 23, 2021, 17:30 [IST]