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Trendy, Celebrity-Inspired Hairstyles That We’re Obsessing Over Right Now!

When we are stuck in the loop of boring regular ponytails, braids and bun, nothing less than some astounding inspiration from our favourite celebrities can help. Do you agree?

We don't give enough attention to our hairstyles, usually. And before we realise, we are lost when it comes to hair. To top that, the lockdown has made us even more lazy. However, you mustn't undermine the power of a well-done trendy hairstyle. It completely changes your appearance, makes you feel good about yourself and, most importantly, provides a break from your regular look(which is much needed today).

For those of you willing to try different styles, but not sure where to start, your favourite celebrities have got your back. And we have done the tiring work of scrolling through their Instagram for you.

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Presenting to you, celebrity-inspired trendy hairstyles that we are obsessing over right now. These hairstyles are sure to take your beauty quotient up a notch and make you feel like a new person. Take a look.


Chic Retro High Ponytail

PC: Instagram/Kim Kardashian

With middle length hair, we often find ourselves in a pickle. Styling the hair in a unique and funky look seems impossible. Well, Kim Kardashian will prove otherwise. In a retro look, completed with side bangs, silky straight hair curled outwards and a high ponytail, Kim Kardashian looks ready to turn heads.

This is a classic hairstyle that will suit any face shape and make you look chic and stunning. Pair this with a nude lip or red lip, do your brows and marvel at the outcome. We promise you won't be disappointed.


OTT Half Ponytail

PC: Instagram/Hina Khan

Half ponytails can be turned into pretty badass hairstyles. We just haven't explored that side yet. We love how Hina Khan has paired an extremely girly outfit with this badass ponytail look. This hairstyle might seem intimidating, but it isn't that hard to do.

Curl your hair in loose waves. Next, make an inch-long middle parting. Create small three-strand braids on each side of the parting, pin it and pull all of your front hair in a half ponytail. The curls will give a good bounce to your ponytail. Pait this hairstyle with any make-up look and the attire of your choice and you will surely get some compliments. It is also a great hairstyle when you don't want any hair on your face.

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The Messy Flip Bun

PC: Instagram/Zendaya

Messy buns have been ruling the hairstyle world for quite some time now. But, have you tried the flip messy bun. If not Zendaya looking beautiful in this hairstyle will tempt you to. This hairstyle might not be everyone's cup of tea but if you are brave enough to try it, you won't ever forget the look.

Perfect for middle-length hair, this hairstyle can be done by pulling your hair back in a ponytail and then flipping it over on your forehead to create a messy bun-like hairstyle that features fluffy bangs.


Elegant Half Ponytail

PC: Instagram/Nora Fatehi

If you thought formal hairstyles are always boring, clearly you didn't do your research well. Nora Fatehi with this chic and elegant hairstyle takes your formal look to a completely different not-so-boring dimension. This is also a look that you won't be too nervous or cautious while wearing to your office and meetings.

This hairstyle is refreshing in the most subtle way possible. To create this look, curl your hair in big waves. Pull out two thick strands of hair in front to frame your face and pull the front portion of your hair back into a high half ponytail. Don't take too much hair or you'll turn this look from formal to fun. A nude make-up will go amazing with this hairstyle to complete this formal look.

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Story first published: Thursday, October 1, 2020, 16:00 [IST]