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6 Stylish Ponytails For College Girls To Flaunt This Winter Season

Sleek and classic ponytails have always been our favourite as it not just looks pretty but also help in styling the hair quickly when you are running late for college. But aren't you bored of pulling the tresses into the same classic simple ponytail daily? You definitely must be!


But don't worry, we have got you covered. Today, we have come up with some stylish ponytails that will not only make you look a little different and stylish but will also give you a reason to flaunt your beautiful tresses.

1. Triple Ponytail

Triple ponytail is perfect for those who have long hair and are willing to do some experiments. Though it looks like time-taking hairstyle but let us clear your misunderstanding. This type of ponytail can be styled in just a click and it is something which you will be sporting easily every day, once you get a hang of it.

So, to make a triple ponytail, first pull your sleek tresses up in a half updo and secure it with a hair tie. Now, create another half-up ponytail right below it from the same section. Lastly, bring all your tresses together right at the nape of your neck and secure it with another hair tie to create a long low ponytail. And you are done! So simple, isn't it?


2. Bubble Ponytail

Bubble ponytail is another one-minute easy hairstyle to sport in your college. It's not only a quick hairstyle but also looks fun and funky. From short to long to mid-length hair, this type of ponytail can be created with hair of any length. You can flaunt this type of hairstyle with your fancy outfits or an outfit as casual as distressed denims.

To make a bubble ponytail, first pull all your tresses into a high ponytail, securing it with hair tie or hairband. Then, pouf out a section of your ponytail by pulling it up a little to create a bubble effect and again secure it with another hairband. Continue making bubbles using a two-inch section, to create multiple sections. Once you come to the end, secure it with an elastic hair tie. Your bubble ponytail is ready and so you are! Such a crazy and fun hairstyle, isn't it?

3. Bow-tied Ponytail

Bow-tied ponytail is the easiest ponytail ever (easier than your daily classic ponytail). Whether your hair are sleek, wavy, curly, short, long or mid-length, bow-tied ponytail suits all. In fact, it's suitable not only for college girls but also for school girls. To make a bow-tied ponytail, simply pull all your tresses into a low ponytail. Instead of securing it with a hairband or an elastic hair tie, tie it with a ribbon matching to your dress making it in a bow style. You can either tie it neatly or in a messy style. Trust me, it looks cute!

4. Teased Ponytail

A teased ponytail is the voluminous ponytail, which looks stunning when created with long hair, especially wavy ones. A teased ponytail can sometimes give you a disaster result, when not teased the right way. So, to perfect this ponytail you need to master the art of teasing your hair.

To create this type of ponytail, part your hair as desired or simply gather it all at the back. Then tease the hair at the crown with a tail comb, and make a mid ponytail, securing it with an elastic hair tie. Take a small section of your hair and wrap it around the ponytail to hide the elastic, and pin it in place. Lastly, curl the strands of your ponytail to give it a more teasing and fabulous effect. Though this type of tail is time-taking, but it's worth it, when done right.

5. Looped Ponytail

Looped ponytail suits with any type of outfit, be it western or ethnic. And it hardly takes time to create it in a perfect way. The looped ponytail is the ideal tail for those who have straight hair and it looks quite elegant. We have also seen many Bollywood actress sporting this type of hairstyle in their public appearances.

So, to create a looped ponytail, part your hair as desired or gently pull back all your tresses into a neat low ponytail, and secure it with an elastic. Now, take the end of your ponytail and bring it up near the elastic, making a loop, and secure it all together with another elastic. Also, make sure you leave some bit of the ends outside while creating a loop. Now, lastly, take that entire section of ends and wrap it around the elastic. Secure it neatly with pins and you are done. Get ready to flaunt your new hairstyle!

6. Giant Voluminous Ponytail

To be honest, the giant voluminous ponytail is a not-so-ponytail because it actually looks like an extravagant hairstyle. This type of hairstyle is suitable for those who have thick and long hair. This ponytail will take you back into the 90s and will make you look adorable and cute paired with western dresses. After all, there is a reason why it's called a barbie hairstyle.

To create this type of hairstyle, pull all your hair on the top of your head and tie it with some beautiful floral hairband. To add voluminous effect, either you can place a puff-maker hair accessory near your ponytail and then comb all your tresses back. Or if you have sleek tresses, you can create a voluminous effect by teasing your hair with a teaser comb to make it a little wavy and let all your tresses fall. Isn't it the cutest hairstyle among all?

So, enough of researching and experimenting. Now, try these ponytails and get ready to make heads turn!

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