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5 Must-Have Sunglasses For Women

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Must Have Sun Glasses
It is the season for showing off your collection of sunglasses. Earlier, the sunglasses that women wore were fundamentally different from those of men. Now, the gender wall is slowly demolishing. You can now see women experimenting with sunglasses designs that were originally for men, like aviator sunglasses.

Summer fashion has not come up with too much new stuff this year. It is the year of resurrecting the best fashion trends of the past.

5 Must Have Sun Glasses For Women This Season:

1. Round And Rolling: Remember the sun shades that yester year actress Sadhana used to wear? Those classic round sun glasses never went out of fashion. Every woman who wants to be high on summer fashion needs to have one of typically over sized round sunglasses. Try lighter frames like yellow or light brown instead of pitch black. Tie a scarf around your head, and you get the look of a prototype mysterious assassin.

2. Police Aviator: Aviator sunglasses are inspired from the typical cop-like look. It was brought into fashion by the cow boys. Aviators were always considered masculine and earlier, you could try them only if you were a tom boy. But now, you can wear stylised aviators with feminine clothes such as skirts, cotton gowns, hot pants and other summer dresses. You just need to pick the right one for your face or else, its a fashion disaster!

3. Go Plastic: Bright coloured sunglasses for women are in this summer. Thick plastic frames that give you a chic look are no more avant-garde fashion. You will see young girls sporting these sunglasses on the streets. As these sunglasses have to match with your clothes, people buy cheaper, use and throw versions of them. Ideally, you should have few basic shades and designs made with good quality instead of collecting a range of colours that do not protect your eyes.

4. John Lennon Sun Shades: The classic tea shades were famous for being worn by the legendary Beatle member, John Lennon. The popularity of this sun glass has run its course for men. It is now a fashionable pick for the fairer gender. Women can try these sunglasses with their western formals. Tints and reverse tints in this format are ideal for the uber-cool look.

5. Box Glasses: The cool boxed glasses with perfect squares have been hot summer fashion accessories for some time now. The rim is typically thicker and darker than the glass. You can call these as one of the most consistent sunglasses for women. You can still wear them fashionably for the next summer. Just make sure you do not wear the futuristic rectangular sun shades that stick to your eyes. They are the silliest fashion goof ups that most women tend to make.

These fashion tips for women entail the 5 must have sunglasses. Now carry the chic look this summer with various shade designs.

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Story first published: Monday, April 9, 2012, 17:57 [IST]
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