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Style Tips To Wear A Red & White Saree

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A red and white saree is worn by Bengali women on auspicious occasion like festivals, marriages etc. Durga Puja is one of the most widely celebrated Bengali festivals and thus it is needless to say that the ethnic red and white saree has a special role to play in this festival. This kind of a Bengali saree is typically worn on the last day of Duga Puja, that is Dashmi or Dussehra.

Just because we are talking about one single colour combination, does not mean that your scope of experimentation with it is limited. You can easily turn a simple white saree with red borders into a style statement of your own.

Red And White Saree

Here are some essential style tips to make look gorgeous in a red and white saree.

Cotton, silk or muslin: Which material is your saree made of? This particular colour combination is commonly seen in cotton sarees. However, you can easily find one in silk or muslin with some zari work on it. You can carry a cotton saree with virtually no makeup. However, the more gorgeous your saree gets, the brighter your makeup has to be.

Draping Style: Bengali women have their own unique way of draping a saree without pleats. You can drape the saree like in the traditional Bengali style or wear it normally.

Gold Jewellery: Never wear a traditional Bengali saree with imitation or designer jewellery. In Bengali culture, gold jewellery is considered auspicious. Also, golden jewellery compliments the look of a Bong Beauty in the bgest possible way. Try some of the basic Bengali designs like bala (thick and solid gold bangles), necklace of pins and balls, dangling earrings with a chain pulling up to the hair.

Bengali Hairstyle: There is no hard and fast rule about the hairstyle you must carry with a red and white saree. You can leave your hair open to look urbane and chic. You can also tie your hair into a bun hairstyle to look traditional. You can plait your hair or pin it up in the centre. It all depends on the kind of look you are trying. If you do try the bun hairstyle, adorn it with some classic Bengali hair jewellery like flowered pins and gold nets.

The Dot In The Middle: The most vital element of a Bengali woman's get up is the large red bindi on her forehead. You simply cannot wear a red and white saree without putting a big red dot in the centre of your forehead.

These are some of the ways to make a simple red and white saree look gorgeous. So, are you going to try these style tips this Durga Puja?

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Story first published: Monday, October 22, 2012, 11:38 [IST]
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