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10 Hot Dresses For New Year's Party

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This is the season (November to January) when party dresses are in high demand. First you have Thanksgiving, then Christmas and the finale comes with New Year parties. That is why, all the girls in town must be store-hopping to find the best party dresses for themselves. Now that there are not many days left for the new year party, lets make your job easier.

There are certain party dresses that are trending this year (2012). You can take tips from your favourite celebrities when it comes to picking the best cocktail dresses for the new year's eve party. First of all, lace is very 'in' this year. Almost every celebrity of any repute has sported at least one enthralling lace outfit in 2012.

The next big news is that jumpsuits for women are back in fashion. Kristen Stewart wore a black and lacy jumpsuit for the Breaking Dawn Part 2 premiere. Many of our Indian celebrities have followed the suit. Apart from that, the thigh high slit gown, that had become such a rage at the beginning of 2012 is still a very hot fashion trend.

Boldsky has put together a set of party dresses that you can mimic for this new year. Check out the years hottest trends and choose your favourite party dress.


Jump Suits

Jumpsuits are back fashion this year. These are three 3 different kinds of jumpsuit that can make the perfect part wear.


Sheer Gowns

If you have the right attitude and guts to carry a really bold dress, go for the scintillating sheer gowns. Kristen Stewart made a lot of headlines for her sheer gowns this year.


One Shoulder Gowns

The gowns with just one shoulder are doing the rounds in celebrity circuits these days. We particularly like Deepika Padukone's swirl print black and white dress.


Full Sleeved Dresses

Full sleeved dresses are not only a fashionable but also a prudent choice for a new year party. After all, it is going to be chilling outside.


Loose Cocktail Dresses

Loose fitting cocktail dresses are becoming very popular nowadays. This is especially because it hides the muffin tops or little embarrassing tummies.


Thigh High Slut Gowns

Even after the twitter trend 'Angelina Jolie's right leg' has died down, the craze for thigh high slit gowns is still buzzing.


Golden Dresses

Golden is the colour for festive occasions. So, what better way to bring on the bling than choose a golden dress for the big party.


Backless Gowns

When you have a sleek and slender gown, dare to show it. Here are some really cool backless gowns that can inspire your choice.


Saree Style Gowns

This is another new fashion innovation this year. These gowns are pinned together in pleats that resemble a saree. Sania Mirza seems to have developed quite a fetish for these gowns.


Black Dresses

Black is the colour of new year. Black dresses on cold winter nights like new year's ever will never go out of fashion. That is why, you should not write of this sizzling hot black dresses just yet.

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