Match Your Eyebrow Shape To Your Hairstyle!

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Your eyebrow shape can make an instant change to your face. If you don't believe it, try this; draw your eyebrows with an eye pencil in different shapes and observe how different you look each time. You will be convinced. If your eyebrows are so important then it must definitely match all your parameters like your figure, your face shape and hairstyles. The last one is particularly important to keep in mind while plucking your eyebrows because it is something we do not usually consider.

Here is why and how you should choose your eyebrow shapes according to your recent hairstyles so that you look perfectly tuned out.

All About Eyebrow Shapes And Hairstyles:

1. Your hairstyle changes your face shape totally. You may have a huge forehead but fringes can cover it up. Even a large face can be made to appear small with a bushy hairstyle. So it is possible to change the dimensions or at least the virtual dimensions of your face with your hairstyles.

2. It is known a known fact that your eyebrow shapes must match the shape of your face so that you don't look out of sync. Lets make a small moderation to this. Your eyebrows are perfect when they match the shape of your face with the hairstyles.

3. To put is simply, your eyebrows should go with the shape of your face after the hairstyle is done. This means you must shape up according to and after you decide on a hairstyle for yourself.

4. Never pluck your brows in redundant shapes. This basically means that if you have that cannot be seen or appreciated because of the shape of your hair line then it wold make no sense to choose it.

5. To illustrate the above point, if you have arched eyebrows and fringes then you would have to hide one to show the other. Arches are for faces with big foreheads so do it only if you are pulling your hair back.

6. The basic shape of your brows have to be in sync with the shape of your hair cut. You cannot have a round blunt cut an squared eyebrows to go with it. Then you would need a smoother turn to your brow as well.

7. Similarly for edgy haircuts like sharp asymmetrical layers you can get more experimental with your eyebrows. They can be in any shape starting from straight to jagged to go with the entire contemporary look.

8. If you have lots of bushy hair, especially if it is permed or naturally curly and thick then you should not pluck your brows very thin. When there is so much hair irrespective of shape surrounding your face then you need to have eyebrows that match the thickness in kind. Very thin eyebrows shapes will make you look pinched.

Use these fashion tips for women to choose the perfect eyebrow shapes to suit your hairstyles.

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Story first published: Friday, January 27, 2012, 11:15 [IST]
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