Aging Well Like Meryl Streep: 7 Things To Do

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Aging is a natural process that can hardly be reversed so if you thought that this article is going tell the way to the fountain of youth then you will be disappointed. We cannot change our age but we can change the way be perceive it and when you accept your age totally, that is called aging well. Meryl Streep's successful run at Oscars 2012 is an perfect example of beauty that transcends age.

They say that the prime of an actress is short lived but she has managed to reach her prime post forty. There were many in the industry who considered this blonde star 'ordinary' or even 'bad' looking in her earlier movies like 'The Deer Hunter' but now you can't take your eyes off her. Aging well like that can be done by making the following changes.

Things To Do For Aging Well:

1. Do you remember what her hairstyle was like in the 1970s and 80s? She had blonde hair coming down to her shoulders and in her younger days (Sophie's Choice) her hair was almost down to her back. She chopped off her long locks to get a trendy hairstyle; the tossed up flick of a boy cut (since 'Devil Wear's Prada').

2. It is not like cutting your hair short helps you look younger but when your hair starts thinning with age, it makes sense to keep it short and fashionable.

3. Being comfortable with the weight you have put on with age is another sure shot formula to graceful aging and Meryl Streep has done that to perfection. She was known for her hourglass figure but look at her today, she seems to be totally confident with her flabs.

4. The secret to managing your weight is in fashion. It is natural to put on some weight around the midriff as you cross 45 and instead of going under the knife you can just move on to a different wardrobe.

5. You look at this legendary actor's dress at Oscars 2012, it is a wrap around. It has a huge cleavage that shows nothing but distracts the attention from the waist which is hidden under the fall of the dress that just dips but doesn’t tighten around it.

6. Meryl Streep was wearing a golden outfit at the Oscars this year and looked stunning in it. That proves that there is no such thing as colours being appropriate for women over 40 (she is 60). The trick is to carry it well. He went with a bare neck and tiny earring to make the outfit rock.

7. If you are woman over 40 then do not show what is not your best asset. When was the last time you saw Meryl Streep showing her legs? Even her super hot role in 'Devil's Wears Prada' was done without skin show.

Aging for women should be about making that smooth transition from 'hot' to 'elegant'; that is how you will be aging well.

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Story first published: Tuesday, February 28, 2012, 10:12 [IST]
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