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Dressing Ideas To Look Slimmer

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Look Slim
At times, you realise that the dress you are wearing is making you appear fat. Looking slim also depends on the dressing ways. Some clothes define your figure neatly while some fabrics make you appear fatter than you actually are. Today, we shall tell you how to look slimmer or rather dress slim through our fashion tips. Take a look.

How To Look Slimmer? - Fashion Tips

1. Choosing Prints And Colours: Dark coloured clothes always give a good outline to your body. Wearing thin and dark coloured fabrics (especially blacks) will make you look bright and slim. Chiffon, crepe, satin and silk dresses are slim dresses.

Too big floral prints and designs, heavy work and embroidery add to your weight by two (in terms of looks). Horizontal stripes stretch your body horizontally. Short clothes (tops and tee-shirts) highlight the tummy flabs. Light coloured thick denims make your buttocks look even bulging.

Then How To Look Slimmer?
Prefer dresses with small prints and vertical stripes. Choose long tops or tee-shirts with dark coloured jeans. Slim or stretch jeans, jeggings, straight fit and boot cut jeans make your legs look slender and long.

2. Selecting Neck and Sleeve Styles: Wearing too deep neck dresses or big collars will add to your plump look. The lesser the sleeves the fatter you look.

How To Dress Slim: Ask your tailor to stitch a V-neck for your dresses. Wearing a 3/4th sleeved or full sleeved dress will make hide your arm and shoulder fat. For long tops (such as salwar), ask him to make cuts below waist. This will hide your bulgy buttocks. Wearing a buttoned neck (buttons stitched in line) will make you look taller and slimmer. If you like collars, choose the Chinese ones.

3. Accessories: Wearing a belt over top and small beaded neckpiece will make you look slimmer. A thin strapped watch and footwear, stockings will make you virtually slim.

4. Slim Shapers: Tummy tuckers and slim shapers actually tuck the flabby skin and provide a good shape. For satin and silk gowns that highlight your body, tuckers will be of great use.

5. Are You Busty?: Busty women always look bad as their breasts look saggy and out of shape. Padded and semi padded bras may cover the popping nipples but don't give shape. Wearing a fit bra for tee-shirt and wearing a stole, a jacket or sweater over the dress will hide the chest as well as look trendy and stylish.

These dressing tips will make you lose weight fast (without any pain and strain) so use them right to look thin and tight.

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Story first published: Wednesday, December 7, 2011, 14:20 [IST]
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