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This Is How You Can Build A Perfect Summer Skincare Routine

Skincare routine is a tricky thing. A great skincare routine is one that can keep your skin healthy in any weather and at the same time, it is one that allows some tiny tweaks to make it more weather-appropriate. Talking about the weather, summer season or the season of the beach lovers is here. It is funny though. Summer is a season that is both liberating and restricting. It brings with it a lot of skin challenges. With the perfect summer-proof skincare routine you can beat these challenges.

What is the perfect summer skincare routine for you? It is one that protects your skin from the harsh sun rays, that prevents the clogging of your skin pores and one that makes your skin feel nourished and hydrated but not greasy. With minor changes in your winter skincare routine (which you would be doing for the last few months), you can have the perfect summer skincare routine.


Cleanse Twice

Summer season leads to a lot of build-up on the skin. The sweat on the face is most likely to clog your skin pores and cause various skincare issues. To add that to that, your skin reacts more aggressively to the everyday skin pollutants such as dirt and pollution. To keep the skin clean during summer season (or any season for that matter) is to keep it healthy. Twice a day, once in the morning and once before you go to sleep, cleanse your face using a gentle face wash.


Do Not Lag On Exfoliation

Scrubbing the face clean can be a little harsh on the skin. And thus, is not recommended to be done frequently. It, however, becomes necessary during the summer season. The sweat, dirt and impurities our skin is exposed to clog our skin pores and that brings about acne, blackheads, pimple and all your worst skin nightmares. Exfoliation unclogs the skin pores and makes your skin smooth. An important step in the summer skincare routine, you should exfoliate your once or twice a week.


Moisturiser, But Water Based

Do not be wary of the moisturiser in the summers. Sweating does not count for moisturisation. A healthy skin needs moisturisation. We understand that loading your skin with the moisturiser as you would do in the winters, is probably not a good idea during the summer season (well, unless you have extremely dry skin). But, do not skip moisturiser altogether. Get a light water-based moisturiser for the summer and use it to keep your skin hydrated.


Apply Body Lotion

The body lotion is the moisturiser for your body. Most of us take care of the face and tend to neglect the health of our body. Which is wrong. It is important that you keep the skin on your body moisturised as well. For that, invest in a body lotion. Every day after the bath, when your skin is still moist, apply body lotion. It moisturises and protects your skin from any potential damage.


Go Hard On The SPF

Now we don't need to tell you how important sun protection is during the summer season. The harsh rays of the skin not only age the skin but also cause hyperpigmentation and acne. To prevent all that a layer of sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 is required. Putting on sunscreen is the last step of your skincare routine and the first step of your make-up routine. Do not use sunscreen scantily though. Take a generous amount of it. Also, sunscreen is effective only for the next couple of hours. So, to protect your skin refresh your sunscreen every couple of hours.


Give Priority To Non-Comedogenic Products

Often we do not think about the ingredients in the products that we buy from the market. The maximum filter we have for a product is to see if that product is for our skin type. But, the ingredients in a product are more complex than that. Non-comedogenic products are those that do not clog your skin pores. Check for the products with a label that says ‘non-comedogenic'. These products are light-weight, oil-free and great for your skin health.


Watch Your Liquids

Keeping your skin enriched has a lot to do with keeping your body enriched. Eat healthily is the best way to flawless skin. Apart from a good and nutrition-rich diet, you need to drink plenty of healthy liquids as well. Water, fresh fruit juice and coconut water intake can change the appearance of your skin for better.


Go Light On Make-up

Make-up is an everyday phenomenon. Whether you wear a full face of make-up or just the basic, keep it light. Make-up kept on your face for too long can clog the skin pores leading to various skin issues. So, keep it minimal in the summer season and make sure to wipe it off before going to bed.


Get A Blotting Paper

It is summer season and you can not run away from the sweat. But you can deal with it effectively. Throughout the day, sweat can ruin your make-up and your skin. To prevent that, get blotting paper. When you feel your skin getting excessively sweaty, blot it out. You and your skin will feel fresh.

Story first published: Friday, April 24, 2020, 15:36 [IST]
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