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Summer Skin Care Guide For Men: 15 Tips Every Man Should Follow

Indian summers are a special kind of hell, and no one can convince me otherwise! Our skin is the one to suffer the most during these harsh weathers. Your skin needs to care for all year long, but more during the summers. Apart from developing wrinkles and accelerating the ageing process, UV rays can cause extensive damage to the skin.

You might enjoy summer outings, but you need to care for the skin and protect it from the sun's harmful UV rays. This is not just applicable to women - men too SHOULD consider effective grooming and skincare during the summer season.

Here are some skincare tips for men that are easy to follow.

Summer Skin Care Guide For Men

1. Keep your skin clean: Wash your face and bathe every day to remove any dirt or oil that blocks the skin pores. Deep cleansing is important to maintain your skin quality during summers.

2. Use sunscreen: Protecting your skin from direct UV rays is the most important skincare tip for men to remember in summer. Apply sunscreen every morning (before leaving the house), re-apply whenever necessary and wash it off at night. Select something with good UVA/UVB coverage and aim for SPF 20+.

3. Stay hydrated: Be sure to drink water in the hot climate to maintain your body temperature. In addition, drinking lots of water makes you look fresh and flushes out toxins from the body. Even men should drink at least seven to eight glasses of water every day to stay hydrated in summer.

4. Shave smart: This is one important skincare tip for men to follow in summer and every other season. Always use a moisturiser after shaving. In addition, use shaving creams that will not make your skin dry. Aftershave also helps to restore lost moisture and promote a toned complexion. Moreover, it is advisable not over shave in summer as it will lead to painful ingrown hair. Instead, shave once in the day and shave in an upward direction.

5. Try a natural aftershave: The juice from an orange peel is one of the best natural aftershaves for men to use in summer. Orange peel juice makes you feel good and refreshed. Simply squeeze the peel over your face after shaving.

6. Use a mild soap: If you are not selecting a mild soap, you are making your skin look drier. Heavily scented soaps will dry your skin as it extracts oil from the skin.

7. Moisturise: Moisturiser that contains Vitamin E or aloe vera oil is more effective on men's skin tone. Moisturisers with SP (sun protection) can give you double protection. Wet your skin before applying a moisturiser to seal in as much moisture as possible.

8. Exfoliate: Getting rid of dead skin cells with a natural scrub every four days or once per week is recommended. This will help reduce the risk of ingrown hairs from shaving and keep your skin looking young.

9. Use a toner: Men's skin is tougher and thicker than women's. Active ingredients in toners like astringents or glycolic acid (GA) can be tolerated. The compound keeps pores clean throughout the day, restores the skin's balance, and reduces the risk of ingrown hairs after shaving.

10. Lip-care: Pay attention to your lips in the summer season. Due to excessive sweating, your lips can get chapped easily. Massage butter or any lip balm on your lips before going to bed. It is also beneficial to use lip scrub every two days.

11. Get a facial: Exposure to the sun will make you look dull due to accumulated dirt and oil that blocks the skin pores. Instead of selecting a general facial, look for options according to your specific skin type. It is also good to try fruit face packs which can be a relief from the hot summer afternoons.

12. Use olive oil: This is another skincare tip for men to follow in summers. Use olive oil daily to massage your skin to make your skin look fresh and moisturised.

13. Treat that summer acne: In summer, it is normal for you to also develop a little acne, mainly on the forehead, due to sweat. Apply a little cool aloe vera gel that can help solve the problem.

14. The under eyes: Look after the skin under the eyes in summer. It is the first portion to get dry in the hot season. Apply milk cream to the area under the eyes to retain its natural glow.

15. Reduce deo use: Deodorant is not the only way to eliminate body odour. When bacteria mix with sweat, odour arises, so start with the basics. For example, when you shower, wash your body with an anti-bacterial cleanser or body wash. Once you are dressed, apply deodorant and apply a herbal powder.

Story first published: Tuesday, April 5, 2022, 17:14 [IST]
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