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Skin Care For Women Over 40: Tips And Hacks

There will be wrinkles, a few lines and a few noticeable grey strands when you hit your 40s. You need to accept this significant landmark, as these are the inevitable changes of ageing. Typical changes of ageing are unavoidable. Moreover, there will be predictable changes happening to your skin with each passing decade.

The biggest worry that women in their 40s face regarding skincare is dryness, dullness and lines. In your 40s, the lines around your eyes and mouth will not wane as efficiently as possible in your 30s. The reason is when you are 40, your skin's plumping collagen levels deplete more.

Your collagen levels start to drop off when you turn 25 and then begin to slowly shoot down during your 30s. So, if you want to look your best at 40, all you need is to follow the best skincare routine for your age.

Especially in this day and age, in which medical science has made tremendous progress, getting a youthful appearance is just a couple of cosmetic surgeries away! However, the truth is that many of us do not wish to go in for these expensive treatments to fix our ageing looks and would not want to get affected by the extreme side effects.

Here are a few skincare tips that you can follow to look your best after the age of 40, have a look!

Skin Care For Women Over 40

Tip 1. Regular Exfoliation

Exfoliation is key to a youthful complexion. As we age, more dead cells are accumulated on your skin, making it dry and rough, so go on and get a good facial scrub.

Tip 2. Use Anti-ageing Creams

Use lotions and creams made explicitly for anti-ageing purposes. These creams boost collagen production in your skin and ease away wrinkles and fine lines.

Tip 3. Go In For Regular Massaging

Get a facial massage regularly, and you can also massage the area around your eyes every night to keep signs of ageing at bay.

Tip 4. Keep Yourself Hydrated

Try to drink as much water as possible and also make green tea a part of your daily diet, as the antioxidants in green tea keep your skin looking younger, and water hydrates your skin well too.

Tip 5. Follow A Fixed Exercise Pattern

Develop an exercise routine. Exercise helps tighten sagging skin by toning your body, thus making you look fitter and younger.

Tip 6. Less Makeup Is The Right Way

Avoid splurging on the latest products; instead, you should visit your dermatologist occasionally to know about your skin. Whether you apply makeup daily or sometimes, you must dedicate some time to cleaning your face after going outside. Try to cleanse using a non-drying cleanser. Never buy whatever cleaner is on sale that might promise benefits on the label, but it would indirectly harm your skin.

Tip 7. Treat Your Eyes With Care

The area around your eyes is the first place that tends to show the discernible signs of ageing with fine lines and wrinkles. So, try to apply a pea-size amount of cream on the under-eye area with the slightest pressure. For using the cream, start from the inner corners of your eyes, and move towards your temples.

Tip 8. Use Serum And SPF 30

Now, this is the time that you need to really quicken your sun-protective strategies by using an SPF 30 or higher every day, even if you are spending 5 to 15 minutes on your skincare regimen. If you are concerned about your eye areas, look for a moisturiser that can offer broad-spectrum sun protection, especially to filter UVA/UVB rays, like SPF 30.

Tip 9. Get Your Beauty Sleep

Allow your body to refresh itself every night to get back the full glow when you wake up every morning. Sleep can prevent ageing because an increased stress hormone would cause direct destruction to the skin cells.

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