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How To Reapply Sunscreen Without Destroying Your Make-up

No matter how much careful we are about our skincare, reapplying the sunscreen is still a step most of us have not mastered yet.

Protecting your skin from the sun is one advice you might have heard constantly. From a skin expert to a novice, sun protection is taken seriously by all. If you still haven't started with your SPF, there is no better time to start than right now. Despite being advised many times, we still haven't quite realised how important sunscreen is. If you see hyperpigmentation in your skin, exposure to the sun is the reason. If you can see an early onset of signs of skin ageing such as fine and wrinkles, it is most probably the signs of skin damage caused by the sun. Not only this, overexposure to the sun can also lead to dark spots, breakouts and in extreme cases skin cancer (yep, that is how serious sun damage is!).

Another aspect of sun protection that we are not very familiar with is that it needs constant refreshing. What we mean by that is applying sunscreen in the morning while getting ready is not enough to provide you with sun protection throughout the day. Any sunscreen you apply is effective for a maximum of 2 hours before you need to refresh it. If you do not wear make-up every day, reapplying the sunscreen isn't big of a concern. You just need to be mindful and do the deed. However, if you do wear make-up things become tricky. At best you have a brilliant excuse to not reapply sunscreen, at worst you will end up messing up your make-up.

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To save you the hassle, we have come up with two amazing hacks on how to reapply the sunscreen without destroying your make-up.

How To Reapply The Sunscreen Without Destroying Your Make-up

Sunscreen is the last step in your skincare routine and the first step, if you may, in your make-up routine. First things first, put on a good layer on sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 before doing your make-up. And when you finish the make-up set your make-u with a face mist that has SPF in it. The two hacks that we are going to discuss are great to retouch your sunscreen through the day. The first is probably the one for you if you have dry skin and the second hack is great for those with oily skin.

Hack #1

For the first hack, you need some sunscreen and a hard face sponge. A hard face sponge (unlike the beauty blender) does not pick up or move the product off your face. When it is time to refresh your sunscreen, dot the sunscreen all over your face and use the sponge in dabbing motions. This is a great way to reapply the sunscreen without messing up your make-up.

We also would like to point out here that this hack is not ideal if you spend too many hours outside in the sun (a fun day at the beach, for instance).

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Hack #2

This second hack is easier than the first. But if you have extremely dry skin, you might want to give this hack a break. You need a powder compact with an SPF of at least 30 for this hack. After ever 2-3 hours, use the compact to refresh your make-up and your sunscreen as well.

There you have it. Two amazing hacks to reapply the sunscreen without messing up your make-up. Give these a try and let us know in the comment section below which one did you like more.

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