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Taking The Green & Clean Beauty Route: 8 Eco-Friendly Beauty Habits You Must Follow!

The concept of clean beauty has become one of the most exciting trends in the beauty industry. More and more consumers are becoming aware of what they put into and on their bodies and how it impacts their health and well-being.

With the development of clean, sustainable personal products becoming more mainstream, beauty has been a trendsetting category.

Clean beauty began as a consumer movement seeking products that did not contain harmful ingredients. As a result, manufacturers began removing harmful ingredients from their products, including parabens, sulphates, and phthalates.

What are some ways in which you have made your beauty routine sustainable and eco-friendly? If you have not yet done so, do not worry; we will assist you. Here are 8 eco-friendly beauty habits you must follow.

Sustainable Beauty Habits You Should Take Up!

1. Use multipurpose products

Multipurpose products are helpful in your quest for a healthier and greener lifestyle, as they can prevent you from using multiple products to deal with one issue instead of addressing multiple issues with a single product.

2. Switch to bamboo

Bamboo is, without a doubt, a superior material when compared to plastic. Fortunately, it is widely available both online and offline. In addition, bamboo is biodegradable, uses considerably less water than other artificial and most natural products, is sturdy, and can be used for various toiletries, including shaving kits, toothbrushes, containers, and holders.

3. Switch from liquid soap to bar soap

While most liquid self-care products are bottled in plastic, their sustainable bar alternatives are available in various sustainable packaging options. Globally, the cosmetics industry produces more than 120 billion units of non-recyclable packaging every year, and a simple switch to bar products can help eliminate a major portion of this waste.

4. Find sustainably sourced products

When products are produced in an unsustainable manner, they contribute to the long-term effects of environmental imbalance. Understanding how your products are sourced and created can contribute to your eco-living efforts.

5. Swap your bathroom bin for a recycling bin

In a world where most beauty packaging is thrown away after just one use, and only 50 per cent of recyclable bathroom waste is recycled, making sure you have a recycling bin nearby is a no-brainer but often overlooked. Start with a bathroom recycling bin. You can also upcycle your empty products. You can find endless ideas for your hair accessories and makeup brushes on Pinterest, such as using jars and bottles.

6. Swap minis for jumbo versions

The trend is currently to buy jumbo versions of your favourite products. Because supersized products require less packaging and shipping, they represent a more environmentally-friendly choice.

7. Swap cotton face wipes for reusable versions

Even if you cannot break your face wipe habit, remember to place used wipes in your trash and never flush them. Instead, make the switch to compostable versions. When used with your cleanser, you can also use reusable muslin cloths and traditional flannels to remove makeup.

8. Switch to natural deodorant

Although it may take a while to adjust, using a natural deodorant will benefit your skin and the environment. With alternative deodorants, there is no one-size-fits-all approach; you must test a few and decide which is right for you.

On A Final Note...

Consumers are starting to focus more on sustainability and 'free-from' beauty. As a result, products with environmental benefits, like vegan, cruelty-free, reusable packaging, and plastic-free, are selling better than those with just clean ingredients.

Story first published: Tuesday, May 17, 2022, 10:19 [IST]
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