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What To Do When You Have Dry Skin All Year Round

By Riddhi Roy

Most people have severely dry skin during the winters. But there are some people who have dry skin throughout the year, making winters exceptionally painful for them. Their skin tends to get even more dry during winters.

Dry, flaky skin is not just about the appearance. It can be considered a health condition and even be seen as a symptom of several health conditions, like thyroid problems or anaemia, so make sure you get tested for any of the aforementioned diseases if you have dry skin.

what to do when you have dry skin

Flaky skin may look unattractive, but it feels a lot worse than it looks. And no matter how many fancy moisturisers you buy, it never seems to go away, and you have to keep reapplying it. What is worse is that dry skin can feel tight and even itchy. And if you itch too much, it can turn into a rash that may even bleed.

So, certain precautions must be taken to avoid the worst from happening, if you have dry skin throughout the year. Here, we will give you some tips on what to do if you have severely dry skin. Take a look.

1. Shower With Cold Water Or Lukewarm Water

We know it can be really comforting to take a hot bath, especially during the cold months, but if you have dry skin, your skin will start flaking even more if you shower with hot water. It is best to stick to cold water if you want your pores to remain closed and retain moisture while you bathe. If you must have some type of warmth, use lukewarm water. An added bonus is that using cold water for baths also delays the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, as one of the reasons of early signs of ageing is dry skin.

2. Use A Gentle Body Wash

Body soaps and washes that are strongly scented can be more harmful for dry skin. Use a moisturising body wash that is unscented or lightly scented. It is a trend to use heavily scented body washes; but it is best for your skin to avoid these. Use enough only to get rid of the dirt on your skin, but not so much that it becomes a lather. Making a lather out of it would strip your skin of natural oils that it is already lacking.

3. Oil Before Shower

Use an oil before heading into the shower. This is a tip that we have found to be really helpful, as using an oil locks in the moisture into your skin before you take a shower. It even provides your skin with a protective barrier from the water. You may use something as thick as a coconut, castor, almond or olive oil. All these oils are deeply penetrating and are very good for dry skin. Or you may use something lightweight, like baby oil. Baby oil is really light and can be used even after a shower, as it does not stain the clothes.

4. Use A Body Scrub

Exfoliation is not just necessary for your face. Your body has a lot of dead skin cells as well. Exfoliation for the body often gets ignored. Sloughing away dead skin cells and those flakes is really important, for new and healthy skin to take its place. You can either use a store-bought scrub or make one yourself, using ingredients you find in your own home. We like making a scrub out of coffee powder and olive oil. This scrub will hydrate your skin and make it baby soft. Coffee is also known to make the skin firmer. So if you have cellulite, this may be the dream ingredient for you. You can also make a scrub with sugar, lemon juice and olive oil. Here, the lemon juice will help lighten the skin and help in removing skin tan as well.

5. Moisturise Right After A Shower

Do not let the air dry out your skin after you take a shower. Apply a moisturiser right away, ensuring that the moisture is retained in your skin. We recommend using a heavy or intensive moisturiser, like the one containing cocoa butter or shea butter. Using these would ensure that you do not have to keep reapplying your moisturiser.

6. Oil Massages

Massage your skin with a light, non-greasy body oil every night before you go to bed. This increases blood circulation in the skin and ensures that the oil penetrates into the skin deeply. Make sure you use a fast-absorbing oil, because oils do tend to stain the clothes we wear. Do this every night and your skin will not give you any pain any more.

7. Use A Lip Balm

We are pretty sure that if you suffer from dry skin all year round, your lips get dry to the point of bleeding as well. For this, coat your lips completely with lip balm, especially before you sleep.

We hope our tips end your dry skin woes. For more updates, keep reading Boldsky!

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