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Korean Beauty Secret Unveiled: Glass Skin… Is It Real?

By Amruta

Have you ever seen a Korean woman? Like in person? Well, if you have, you might exactly know what we mean by Korean beauty! Korean women have a unique glow... they are naturally beautiful. Well, for that matter, every woman is beautiful. But the natural glow these Korean women possess is something we need to take a note of.

But what makes them stand apart is the age-old beauty secrets that they have been following for generations. Korean women, generally, incorporate some age-old skin care tips in their beauty regime. Curious to know what these beauty tips are? Read on to get some instant beauty tips.

What's more? An addition to the Korean beauty trend is the new wave of something known as 'glass skin.' Now, you must be really curious to understand what this concept actually is. And, that is exactly why we are here. To help you understand the concept, know its importance, and most importantly, tell you why it deserves a spot in your beauty care. But before we begin with glass skin and its importance, let's take a quick look at some of the common beauty habits of Korean women.

Here's a quick glance into some of the interesting beauty tips followed by Korean women.

1. They Use An Oil Cleanser

Korean women always begin their beauty treatment with an oil cleanser as it is essential to get rid of any impurities on the skin. They believe in massaging their skin with oil to get rid of dirt, leaving their skin fresh, soft, and free of any impurities.

2. They Regularly Exfoliate Their Skin

That's something that we all know. Exfoliation is very important in skin care routine - be it Korean, Asian, or French. Korean women never fail to exfoliate their skin with natural products which is why they have smooth and soft skin.

3. Sheet Masks Are A Must For Them

Sheet masks are in fashion right now. Yeah! It's a totally new and an amazing concept. But what is a sheet mask? Well, sheet masks are basically fabrics that are soaked in a nutrition-packed solution called as serum. These masks are meant to be placed on your face like a mask. They help you to get glowing skin.

4. Eye Cream Is Not An Option - It's Mandatory

Yeah, it is! For a Korean woman, eye mask is a must. They give a lot of importance to their eyes. They do take a lot of care of their eyes. And, what makes their skin care regime stand out is that they often go for natural products which do not contain any kind of chemicals. Therefore, these products are safe to use and do not have any side-effects on the skin.

5. Sunscreen Always Works - Wherever You Go

It does! And guess what? Korean women do not go a single day without using a sunscreen lotion. May be that is the reason their skin is far from tanning.

So... now that you know the real secret of Korean beauty, you might be really curious to know this concept of glass skin. And, who will not be?

What Is Glass Skin?

What exactly is the concept of glass skin? Although it is not a 'new thing,' the way it is gaining prominence these days makes it worth trying.

Glass skin basically means perfect skin tone - healthy, even-toned, translucent and a completely perfect skin that resembles a glass. Like totally crystal clear skin... Woah!! That's something different... isn't it?

Well, Christine Chang, one of the founders of the Korean beauty boutique named Glow Recipe, explained the concept saying, "It's when your skin is so healthy, even-toned, and plumped with hydration that it's almost translucent, like a shard of glass."

How To Get Glass Skin At Home In 4 Easy Steps

It is super easy, to begin with. The most essential element in the step towards achieving glass skin is that your skin, especially your face needs to be free of any make-up when you sleep. As our skin restores and repairs itself overnight, it is essential that we leave our face natural and free from any kind of make-up.

So... without wasting any further time, let's get started with the procedure to get glass skin at home:

1. Cleanse, Or May Be Double Cleanse

Cleansing is quite an essential element in achieving glass skin. Always keep your skin hydrated and most importantly, wash it with water whenever you can. This will help to remove all impurities and dirt from your skin, leaving it flawless.

2. Apply A Toner

Next in the queue is a toner. Always use a hydrating and a natural toner for your skin. And before going to sleep, ensure that you have washed your face thoroughly and apply a toner.

3. Moisturiser Is Essential

Once you have applied the toner, you must go for a good and natural moisturiser. Well, for a fact, you must know that for achieving glass skin, you need a moisturiser. A moisturiser helps to lock in the hydration in your skin, leaving behind a smooth, and soft texture.

4. Seal The Deal With An SPF

Lastly, as always, you need to protect your skin from any kind of damage by using an SPF. You obviously do not want your skin to be tanned. Well, guess what, you can apply SPF while you are at home too. It is not a necessity that you need to apply SPF while going out in the sun.

That's a round up of Korean beauty regime and glass skin. So, what are you waiting for? Incorporate these amazing Korean beauty tips into your daily skin care routine and get glowing glass skin in no time. Also, you know what to do - like, share, and subscribe to Boldsky for more such fun tips and tricks on skin care, hair care, & body care.

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Story first published: Monday, August 13, 2018, 10:00 [IST]
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