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    5 Things You Should Never Ever Do To Your Skin

    By Tanya Ruia

    Everyone loves to have a spotless skin, so it must be the first thing that you should be prioritizing while taking care of your body. A lot of times we make a lot of mistakes in skin care that lead to a lot of damage to our skin which we are not even aware of. And, when we become aware of the damage, it is already too late. Your skin needs to be pampered but not over pampered. In order to give the best care to our skin, knowingly or unknowingly, we overdo things and damage it.

    In our daily skin care routine, we have been making a lot of mistakes unknowingly. So, here we bring you the 5 common mistakes that you have been making and you should never ever make those to your skin.

    Things You Should Never Do To Your Skin

    Using The Sunscreen The Wrong Way

    We are all aware of the benefits of sunscreen and use it on a daily basis. But, do we know the correct way to use it? Many of us, don't. Because we do not know exactly what SPF is suitable for our skin. SPF is the most important thing while choosing a sunscreen. The minimum SPF required for the facial sunscreen is 20 SPF and the UVA required is of 4 stars and higher like PA++++.

    The work of the sunscreen is not only to protect your skin against tanning but also against the UV rays that can cause cancer and harmful skin burns. Sunscreen should be applied at the end of your skin routine so that it gives the best protection. Also, it should be applied at least 2 hours before you go out in the sun.


    Popping The Tiny, Red Hurting Ball

    We all are aware of the tiny red ball that pops on our skin when we have a special occasion to attend. Yes, you guessed it right, the pimple. We know that when that tiny pimple starts growing big, it becomes extremely painful and you want to get rid of it as soon as possible.

    But, most of the time we end up squeezing and popping it. The hole that is created after squeezing it is the most vulnerable part of the skin that will take up all the bacteria available around it. This increases the chances of getting more pimples.


    Rubbing The Skin Too Hard

    We often tend to rub our skin and especially our eyes harshly when there is an itch or an irritating sensation. It is definitely very pleasurable and satisfying but at the same time it ends up making your skin saggy and more prone to early wrinkles. Vigorous rubbing leads to early ageing signs and fine lines and wrinkles that are easily visible.

    Rubbing also involves vigorous exfoliation. When you over exfoliate the skin, the pores open up too much and also scratches occur. Of course, exfoliation is very good for the skin and satisfying too. But, overdoing it something leads to harmful effects too.


    Using The Same Product For A Lifetime

    We get used to a particular cream, powder, moisturizer, etc. when we start feeling that it is our dream cream or the dream foundation we have ever wanted in our vanity. But, you forget that your skin hormones keep changing every other time with the change in food habits, air, water, energy, climate, etc. What suited you years ago, won't suit your skin after four years. Change is the only constant and your skin also works according to that.

    Every six months re-evaluate your skin and consult a dermatologist to know what skin type you have right now. The weather also plays a major role in deciding your daily care essentials. Of course, during the winter season, you would want a cold cream that can vitalise your skin. So, keep on checking your skin type as per the weather, heat, food habits, etc.


    Ignoring The Neck And The Eyes

    Yes, our eyes and neck are the most ignored areas of our face. While detanning and cleansing our face, we often forget that the neck too has that tan and dirt that needs to be cleansed and matched with the face tone. Even the under eye area should be an important part of the daily skin care routine. The first signs of ageing are always visible on the neck and eyes first and then on the face. Your neck and eyes need the same care as much as the other parts of the face do.

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    Story first published: Thursday, September 27, 2018, 11:04 [IST]
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