These Will Make Your Acne Worse

We all face several skin-related issues in our everyday life. This can be regarding dry skin, tan, acne or pimple scars and the list goes on. These are very common issues among us.

Some reasons for this can be hereditary or genetic issues, hormonal imbalance or even environmental factors like pollution, overexposure to the sun, etc.

Skin care mistakes that you didnt know

We tend to try various home remedies or buy different products from the market to treat these. But we are not aware that this also can be caused due to our carelessness and some mistakes that we unconsciously make, which leads to the damage of our skin.

If you've been feeling like your skin care routine just isn't doing it for you, or you just want to be sure that you're not doing anything that could be backfiring in the long run, then here are some common mistakes many people make when it comes to their skin that they should definitely keep in mind.

Excessive Scrubbing

Scrubbing is essential for the skin, as it helps in exfoliating it by removing dead cells. You should avoid it when you get breakouts. Your acne needs you to be gentle on them and scrubbing will only make it worse. Instead, stick to a mild face wash until your acne disappears.

Using The Wrong Products

Always use products that suit your skin type. It is important to do a patch test before you buy a particular product. Test that whether you are allergic to it or not. Because if you use wrong products, there are high chances that your acne might increase. So, choose your product beforehand.

Avoiding Moisturizing

Oily skin is more prone to acne. In this case, you might think that avoiding moisturizing for oily skin would reduce the chances of acne appearing on the skin. Select a moisturizer that suits your skin the best. Apply enough on your skin to keep it hydrated.


Stress also can lead to breakouts. Not only physical factors, but mental factors like this also can lead to acne. Stress levels have a huge impact on your skin so every time you are feeling stressed, trying calming activities like meditating, reading, going for a quick walk, anything that makes you calmer and happy can help.

Popping The Acne

Most of us have the habit of picking on our acne as soon as this appears. If you are one among them, then stop it! Picking on your acnes does not help in reducing your acne, whereas it creates more chances for breakouts. So, the next time your are tempted to do that, control yourself!

Unclean Cellphones

Your face produces oil and sweat, which gets onto your phone when you're on a call. There are high chances of breakouts. Clean your phone before you make the next call, before pushing it back to your skin to avoid the bacteria from growing back.

Washing Face More Often

Washing your face every now and then will lead to more breakouts. It is a myth that if you wash your face more often, it will remove the dirt from your skin and will keep it clean and healthy. Washing too much can strip the skin of essential oils, leading the body to produce more oil, which can lead to more pimples.

Sleeping With Your Makeup On

After a long tiring day, we become lazy to remove our makeup and directly go to sleep. Makeup will produce excess oil on the face and will leave your skin oily. This will eventually lead to inflammation of the skin and thus cause acne and pimples. So, do not refrain from removing the makeup before you go to bed.

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Wearing Unclean Glasses

For all those who wear glasses, keep in mind to clean your glasses regularly. If you don't, the dirt and bacteria that stay on your skin will lead to acne and pimples. So, do not take risk on your skin. Just take a few minutes to clean the glasses before you wear it.

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