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10 Skin Care Trends That Are Going To Be Huge In 2018

By Somya Ojha

Trends come and go in the ever-evolving world of skin care. However, every year, there are a few trends that rule over the skin care realm.

Be it the innovative K-beauty regimen or microblading, there are certain skin care trends that end up getting everyone's attention. Some of these trends end up shaking the beauty community, while there are a few that fail to live up to the hype.

If you are someone who is always curious about the emerging skin care trends, then today's post is ideal for you. As today at Boldsky, we've compiled a list of skin care trends that are going to be huge in 2018.

These trends have got the whole beauty community talking. From the skin care experts to beauty bloggers and celebrities, everyone seems to be in love with these skin care trends. And, today, we'll let you know about some of them.

So, read on to know more about the trends that are blowing up on the beauty scene.


1. Organic Skin Care Products

Last year, there was a major boost in the sale of organic skin care products all over the world. And, it is safe to say that this trend is only going to get bigger this year, as more and more women are making a switch from chemical-infused products to organic ones.


2. At-home Beauty Tools

The trend of at-home beauty tools is going to be huge this year. Tools like derma rollers, skin exfoliators and many more have managed to take over the beauty community and this year, they are bound to become more popular. Most of these tools are like one-time investment and can help you upgrade your skin care routine.


3. Night Creams And Masks

Creams and masks that are meant for night-time-only use can help your skin recover overnight. And, skin care products like that have been getting a lot of love from the beauty community and this year they are definitely going to be huge. These type of products are specifically designed for busy women who are usually pressed for time during the day.


4. K-beauty

Be it the 10-step Korean skin care routine or sheet masks, it is safe to say that K-beauty is all the rage in the beauty community and this trend is going to rule over 2018 as well. The craze of K-beauty is only going to get bigger this year.


5. Facial Essence

This is another trend that is going to take over the skin care realm in 2018. A facial essence is a water-like lotion that can deeply moisturize your skin and give it a major boost of hydration. This product can leave your skin looking fresh and feeling smooth and supple.


6. Anti-pollution Skin Care Products

With the air pollution rising at an alarming rate, there has been an increase in the demand for anti-pollution skin care products around the globe. A lot of major beauty brands are coming up with their pollution-blocking skin care products that can safeguard one's skin from damage caused by the toxins present in the air.


7. Body Care

It is safe to say that body care is just as important as face care. And, this year, the trend of body care products is going to be huge. Body scrubs, moisturizers and lotions have become as important and popular as face creams and serums.


8. Beauty Water

Beauty water has managed to become a cult-favorite skin care product because of its many benefits. It is known to have a soothing impact on the skin and can also give it a major boost of hydration. Skin care experts, beauty bloggers and even celebrities seem to be in love with this product and it is bound to become more popular this year.


9. Beauty-boosting Supplements

A majority of unsightly skin conditions occur because of internal factors such as health-related issues, vitamin deficiency, etc. And, beauty-boosting supplements are an incredibly effective way of combating such conditions. A lot of dermatologists are recommending women to try this method in order to treat a skin problem from the inside.


10. DIY Skin Care Recipes

DIY skin care recipes have been blowing up on the beauty scene; however, this trend is only going to get bigger this year, as more and more people are trying to go all natural. Easy-to-make, inexpensive, effective and sans of chemicals, DIY face masks and packs are worth the time and effort.

Story first published: Saturday, January 13, 2018, 11:10 [IST]
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