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Natural Home Remedies To Get Porcelain Skin

Our lifestyle today has led to a lot of skin-related issues like blemishes, black spots, tan, wrinkles, etc. So what is the solution for that perfect glowing porcelain skin? Definitely, it is home remedies. This might not seem to be easy but home remedies actually work in getting that smooth, brighter and flawless skin of yours.

Dead skin cells and lack of proper cleansing lead to dull and unhealthy skin. Today, we have umpteen number of products in the market that can help you in achieving a porcelain skin. But why to go for such chemical products when we can get this just by using some home remedies sitting back at home?

Today, we'll discuss some natural ingredients that can be used to get a brighter and healthier skin at home and how to use them. Read on!


Almonds work well when it comes to improving the complexion of the skin. Along with that it also helps in making the skin smooth and soft.

Take some almonds and soak it in raw milk in the morning. At night, mash these soaked almonds to make a fine paste. Apply this paste on your face and leave it overnight. Next day morning, wash it off in normal water. Repeat this once in a week for better results.

Gram Flour And Curd

This mask is an age-old Indian beauty remedy for glowing skin. It is the most suitable for oily skin as gram flour helps in removing excess oil from the skin. Also, curd in this mask helps in retaining the moisture of the skin.

In a bowl, take 2-3 tablespoons of gram flour. Add 2 tablespoons of curd and mix both the ingredients well. If you feel that the mask is too tight you can loosen it by adding some more curd. Apply this paste on a clean face evenly. Leave it on for about 30 minutes and rinse it off in normal water.

Honey And Lemon Mask

This is the most common mask used for bleaching the skin at home. We all know that lemon contains skin-lightening properties that will help in improving the complexion and the skin tone. Honey adds on to this by keeping the skin hydrated and moisturized.

All you need to do is cut a lemon and squeeze some fresh lemon juice. Add this to 1 tablespoon of honey. Mix both the ingredients well and apply it on your face. Wait for at least 15 minutes and let it dry. After it dries, wash it off in lukewarm water.

This can do wonders on your skin. However, if you have a dry skin we recommend you not to go for this mask as lemon juice can make your skin even more dry.

Banana And Honey Mask

While honey helps in making our skin glow, bananas are rich sources of minerals, fibre, potassium, etc.

Take a ripe banana and cut it into small pieces. Blend this well to make a fine paste. Now add a few drops of organic honey in to the banana paste and apply it evenly on your cleansed face.

Wait for 15-20 minutes and rinse it off in warm water and pat dry. You can use this remedy at least once in a week for better results.

Egg White And Honey

The collagen and proteins contained in honey help in tightening the skin and treating wrinkles. Also, the anti-bacterial properties in honey help in getting rid of any blemishes and inflammations on skin along with brightening the skin.

First, separate the egg white from an egg. Whisk it well so that it is soft and fluffy. Now add 1-2 tablespoons of organic honey in to the egg white and mix both the ingredients well.

Now apply this egg white mask on your face. Leave the mask on for 25-30 minutes. After 30 minutes, rinse it off in normal water. Avoid using lukewarm water to rinse off as it may lead the egg white to cook.


We all know that orange is a citrus fruit and hence it is rich in vitamin C. Vitamin C works best in removing sun tan and also leads to even the skin tone.

Now applying this is very simple. Just take some fresh orange pulp and apply it all over you face. Gently massage in a circular motion and leave it on for 10-15 minutes. Rinse it off using normal water. Using this remedy 2-3 times in a week can help in getting rid of dead skin cells and making the skin brighter and fairer.

Story first published: Monday, July 9, 2018, 13:45 [IST]
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