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    Make-up Ideas To Pair With Your Stunning Red Dress

    Red is one of the hottest colours and any women will definitely look stunning in it. Be it for prom, a date, your best friend's wedding, etc., a red dress will definitely get you under the limelight. But imagine applying loud make-up with a blood-red dress. Hmm, it's really going to be very disturbing for the eye, and trust me, you will not look your best.

    So, a good product with a little bit of knowledge on how to apply your make-up will definitely make you look stunning and beautiful. There will be various shades of red, like bright red, cherry red, dark red, etc. So, depending on your skin tone, pick out your shade and go for make-up that compliments you.

    makeup ideas

    Yes, make-up is important as it will enhance your beauty and the right make-up will up your beauty quotient. So, today we have a few make-up ideas which you can try with your favourite red dress. Try any one of these and see which one looks best on you.

    1. Clean Your Face:

    •    Wash your face and neck with a mild facial cleanser or with a cleanser that suits your skin.
    •    Wipe your face with a clean towel.

    2.    Red On Red:

    Yup, you heard it right. You go red with red! The trick to pull off red lipstick with a red dress is to find a shade of lipstick that matches the colour of your dress. For evening make-up, you can go for a bold red look.

    Evening Make-up:

    •    Apply foundation with a brush all over your face and neck. Make sure that your foundation matches your skin tone.
    •    Apply a very light blush on the apples of your cheeks.
    •    Use a bold eyeliner. Winged eyeliner works well too.
    •    Do not apply dark eyeshadows. Go for lighter shades or natural, shimmer shadows.
    •    Apply red lipstick that matches the colour of your dress. You can use a lip gloss on top it off if you want a shiny look.

    Daytime Make-up:

    •    Apply foundation as your base.
    •    Use gel eyeliner with a soft brown pencil liner.
    •    Apply rosy blush powder.
    •    Apply red lipstick that matches the colour of your dress.

    3.    Go Nude:

    Shades of gray, beige, rich brown colours will look beautiful on a red dress. Make sure you pick one focal point and highlight that particular feature. If you highlight every single feature, you will lose elegance and your make-up with look loud. To get this nude look, follow these simple steps:

    •    Apply a tinted moisturiser as a base. Skip the foundation as it will rob your skin of a natural look.
    •    Apply mineral glow powder evenly on your face.
    •    If you want glowing cheeks, apply powder blush shimmer and bronzing powder on the apples of your cheeks.
    •    Go for a natural matte eyeshadow, black eyeliner and black mascara.
    •    For your lips, apply a sheer lip gloss or a nude lipstick.

    4. Old-school Glamour Look:

    The old-school glam look can be captured with a red dress and with these simple make-up steps:
    •    Apply a concealer and foundation evenly on your face. Blend it properly.
    •    Apply a translucent powder.
    •    For the eyes, apply a cream eyeshadow of a natural tone. Rub it over your eyelids.
    •    Opt for a gel eyeliner and create a thin and a defined look. You can create a winged look too.
    •    Use mascara to add volume to your eyelashes.
    •    For your lips, go for a bold red lipstick.

    5. Smokey Eyes:

    Dark smokey eyes definitely give your look a beautiful definition. Some women may think twice before going for the smokey effect with a red dress as they feel that it might clash with the red dress. But if you are careful, then smokey eyes compliment your red dress. Since, the eyes are the focal point in this look, minimize your face and lip make-up.
    •    Apply a very thin coat of tinted moisturiser.
    •    Use a peach-pink shimmer on the apples of your cheeks.
    •    You can apply a dusting powder if you feel that the foundation is making your face look pale.
    •    For the eyes, apply a concealer on the eyelids and with the help of a pencil liner, draw thick lines around your eyes.
    •    Apply mascara to add volume to your lashes.
    •    Now use a gel liner to trace the pencil liner for defined lines.
    •    Finally, apply a metallic eyeshadow on your eyelids.
    •    Apply a nude shade of lipstick.

    6. Fun Look:

    Sometimes you just want to let loose and have fun, so a casual look would be just perfect.
    •    Apply a tinted moisturiser on your face and neck.
    •    For your eyes, apply neutral-coloured shadows.
    •    Draw a thin line just above your eyes with the help of a pencil liner and blend with the eyeshadows using your fingers.
    •    Keep your eye make-up minimal but use fake eyelashes.
    •    Curl your fake lashes and apply mascara to add volume to it.
    •    Apply a little bit of colour on your cheekbones.
    •    For your lips, use a tinted lip gloss.

    Tips To Remember:

    •    Invest in a good base and foundation as a red dress can easily emphasise the imperfections of your skin. But if you have a clear skin, then a tinted moisturiser will do just good.
    •    Keep your hairstyle simple. Do not do elaborative and complicated hairdos. A slight curl will look just perfect.
    •    For your lips, it's generally best to apply shades that are closer to your natural skin tone. To play it safe, opt for a tinted lip gloss.
    •    For your nails, a French manicure will look good. Do not try to match nail colours with your dress. Opt for nude colours.
    •    Always remember that you either highlight your eyes or lips, but never both. You will look overdone and bad if you highlight both your eyes and lips. So, highlighting one feature will make you look elegant.

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    Story first published: Thursday, April 12, 2018, 10:32 [IST]
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