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    Sensitive Skin? Keep These Tips In Mind Before Buying Beauty Products

    Choosing beauty products is not an easy task, especially when you know that it is going to have an effect on your skin or hair. And, it's not just about the effects the products will have, but also the amount of money that you invest in buying these products. There might be a time when you think to yourself - is this product really worth investing in?

    But again, more than the money spent on buying beauty products, what matters is how it works for your skin. If it does in a positive way, nothing like it. But, what if it makes your skin rebel against you?

    Choosing Products For Sensitive Skin

    The easiest way to avoid such kind of situation is to think twice before buying any beauty product. You can always experiment with different products - but if you have sensitive skin, you wouldn't want to take a risk.

    Listed below are some easy-to-remember tips that you need to consider before buying products for sensitive skin.

    Tips To Consider Before Buying Beauty Products For Skin Care

    1. Fragrance is not always good

    What smells and looks good is actually good. Well, guess what? That's not always the case. Especially when it comes to beauty products, at times, products that have fragrance might not be a good choice for those with sensitive skin. These products tend to contain alcohol, alpha hydroxy acids or even some antibacterial agents that might be harsh for your skin.

    2. Its always better to avoid waterproof make-up

    As you might already know, waterproof make-up needs extra efforts as well as a strong make-up remover to wipe it off from your face. Using too much strong products such as make-up remover might result in harming your sensitive skin.

    Also, those with sensitive skin should always opt for minimal make-up as some make-up products containing chemicals might have an effect on their skin.

    3. Try to go natural at all times

    This is something you might already know. If you have sensitive skin, always go for natural skin care products. You can make homemade face packs for sensitive skin using multani mitti, honey, aloe vera, or gram flour. Moreover, you can even make homemade toners, facial scrubs, and moisturisers. These homemade skin care products are cost-effective and have no side-effects.

    4. Always check for expiry date

    Ladies, keep an eye out for this one. Always check the expiry date of any product you purchase. Be it something that has to be applied topically on your skin or is meant to be consumed, checking expiry date is always a sensible thing to do.

    Speaking of beauty products, if you use a product with an expired date, it might have harsh effects on your skin, thus damaging it.

    5. Test it before you buy it

    Those with sensitive skin might know this. Whether you buy a face pack or a moisturiser, always test it on your forearm and wait for at least 24-48 hours to see if it causes any kind of reaction, rashes, redness, or skin irritation. If it doesn't, the product is completely safe to use. But if it does, you need to stop using it.

    6. Choose pencil eye liners over liquid ones

    If you like applying eye liner and have a sensitive skin, you might want to consider this before making a purchase. Always go for pencil eye liners rather than liquid ones. The reason behind this is that pencil eye liners smudge less compared to liquid ones. Also, pencil liners are made using wax which is safe for your skin while liquid liners are made using latex which can cause skin irritation.

    So, if you have sensitive skin and are wanting to buy some beauty products, do keep these essential and informative tips in mind before you make a purchase and bring home something that might not be good for your skin. After all, skin care is extremely important, isn't it?

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    Story first published: Tuesday, October 9, 2018, 15:12 [IST]
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