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Tips To Treat Darkness Around The Mouth, Nose & Chin

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We Indian ladies seem to face a specific set of skin problems, like darkness around the mouth, nose and chin regions. We haven't seen this problem arise in people of other nationalities. But thankfully we have also come up with some tips to treat this problem.

Having dark skin around these areas makes it really difficult to go out without any makeup on. And of course, it even makes simple makeup look a little ashy, as foundation of one colour can never really cover all your face if it has different shades.

You can try different skin lightening therapies and as always we'd suggest home remedies because of the various other skin benefits they provide.

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So, read further to know how to get rid of the dark skin around your mouth, nose and chin regions once and for all.


1. Aloe Vera Gel:

One of the main reasons for darkness around the mouth and nose could be that your skin around there does not get as much moisturisation as it should be getting. Aloe vera gel is one of the best ways to provide that moisture to your skin. Use it as an overnight treatment for best results.


2. Avoid Smoking:

Smoking leads to darkening of the lips and the skin around it. It also makes your skin look duller overall. So, try to avoid it and quit smoking if you can, if not for your lungs, then definitely for your skin.


3. Besan & Milk:

This is an age-old remedy for dark skin. This helps to gently remove your dead skin cells and make the skin appear much more radiant and clean. So if you are looking for an even complexion, definitely try this out by mixing milk and besan and rubbing it on your face.

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4. Turmeric:

Another age-old remedy for darkness around the mouth and chin area is to use turmeric mixed with either curd or milk. This helps give your skin a glow and since turmeric has antibacterial properties, it also heals the root cause of the darkness.

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5. Vitamin E Oil:

Vitamin E oil is known to hydrate the skin and even lighten pigmentation to a great extent. Use vitamin E oil every night before you go to bed by massaging it on the areas where you think you need it the most.


6. Retinol Creams:

Retinol creams are best suited for people who have ageing skin. It gently peels off old skin to reveal the newer, healthier skin. And hence, you could try using these creams to lighten the dark skin around your mouth, nose and chin regions.

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