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Step By Step Makeup Tips For oily Skin

By Shabana

Don't we all love makeup? It is an expression of our inner self. It makes us look good and confident even in the gloomiest of days. What's also helps us get attention from the opposite sex.

That is why we do not mind spending a few hours in front of the mirror to doll up for that important event. After all, first impressions last forever.

makeup tip for oily skin

Although we love makeup and do it frequently, it has to be done right to get the desired effect. Otherwise, things can go horribly wrong.

It is important to choose your makeup products according to your skin type. Products which are best sellers in the market may not be suited for you and may result in skin breakouts.

Women with normal skin have it easy. They can get away with almost any type of a skin product. But makeup can be a nightmare for women with oily skin.

Makeup tends to melt away on oily skin. Also, the products used should be non-comedogenic, i.e., it should not clog the pores. Using wrong products results in heavy breakouts, which do not clear up easily.

Your skin is said to be oily if it is greasy and shiny at all times. This is because the oil glands in the skin are over-active, resulting in excess sebum production.

It is necessary to keep washing your face at regular intervals, so that the excess sebum does not accumulate. If it does, it blocks the skin pores, leading to acne breakouts and blackheads.

Oily skin is difficult to deal with. Applying makeup on it may be a whole different ball-game all together. Women usually just give up on the whole makeup thing for the fear of ugly breakouts.

Although it is better to avoid makeup every day, you can use it sparingly for special occasions. How, you ask? Don't worry....

Follow the below mentioned step-by-step procedure on how to apply makeup on oily skin, which would help sort out the issue.

Step 1:

Prep Your Skin With A Primer

It is the secret to an oil-free look and long-lasting makeup. Moisturizing your skin is also very important even for oily skin. A moisturizer helps balance out the skin oils and also makes the makeup easy to glide on.

A primer will absorb the excess oil and prevent your makeup from fading or melting. So, hydrate your skin with a good shine-free moisturizer and then use an oil-control primer. Your base is now ready.

Step 2:


Oily skin may have acne marks or blemishes. Covering it with a good concealer is advised. They are thicker in consistency than foundations. Choose the one which gives you great coverage and is light-weight.

Applying the concealer with your fingertips is advised, as it is easier to blend. Take some amount of concealer on your fingertip and apply it on the dark spots and blemishes. For dark circles, the correct method is to apply the concealer in a V-shape under the eye and blend it nicely.

Step 3:


After your concealer is set, it is time for the most important step in makeup, Foundation. This is where most of the people go wrong. This step can either make or break your look. You can do some research before buying the right kind of foundation. Also, what shade you select is also important. Always buy shades which are closest to your skin tone.

Remember that all foundations are heavy and can cause the skin pores to clog. So if you have got the coverage you desire by just the concealer, then don't opt for a foundation at all. Instead, use a BB or CC cream, which is not heavy and will reduce your chances of breakouts too.

But if you require a foundation, make sure you opt for the one that gives a matte look like oil-free water or mineral-based foundation that will fill up the uneven spaces and make the skin look even. Always apply the foundation with your fingertips, or make sure to use a clean sponge or brush to prevent breakouts.

Step 4:

Setting Powder

After the foundation is applied, you will have to set it with a translucent powder. Make sure to use a powder which is not shimmery. Target it at areas which have the tendency to release oils like the T-zone.

Step 5:

Setting Spray

Lastly, use a finishing spray to set your makeup and make it long lasting. It will also make your makeup look more natural.

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    Story first published: Sunday, August 6, 2017, 10:00 [IST]
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