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Prevent Your Lips From Getting Dry During This Monsoon

By Anosua Chakraborty

Cracked and dry lips are a common skin irritation during the winters. But it also becomes important to take care of the lips even during the monsoons.

Unlike the scorching summer that had been very decent on your lips, monsoons are pretty rough on your soft lips. However, there are many people who suffer from rough lip problems during any weather.
Thus, taking a proper care of your lips throughout the year becomes very important.

Tips to prevent dry lips

The biggest problem with dry lips is that you cannot hide these with anything. The face gets the most attention and each part of the face gets groomed in a perfect way.

Eyes and lips play a crucial role in making one look beautiful. Who would want to go out with cracked and bleeding lips? So, here we list a few effective tips to protect your lips from getting dry this monsoon.

Scrub Gently

Lips need gentle care; and scrubbing is one of the most fundamental ways to keep your lips soft. Dead cells and dirt get accumulated on the lips that need to be exfoliated well. While scrubbing, don't use anything harsh. Apply petroleum jelly on the lips and gently rub the lips with a soft-bristled tooth brush to get rid of the dead cells.

Keep Your Lips Hydrated

Hydration is very important during monsoons. Having enough water removes toxins from the body and helps in keeping your lips soft and smooth. If drinking enough water seems like a great task for you, then consume fresh fruit juices and drinks that detox and help in removing the dead cells. After all, keeping yourself hydrated from the inside is important.


Moisturize your lips to prevent them from getting dry. Don't wait for your lips to get cracked, as it may be painful at times and cause bleeding. To avoid such an awful situation, invest in a nice, fruity lip balm that contains a good SPF. If you are not used to applying lip balms, then try petroleum jelly, olive oil, almond oil, butter, etc., to keep your lips from turning dry.

Lip Massages

Just like body massages, lip massages are also important to improve the circulation of blood in the lips. Here is an awesome tip that will help in preventing your lips from getting dry this monsoon. Take Jojoba cream, butter and olive oil; just apply them over the lips, squeeze and press the lips for sometime gently. Get naturally pink lips by doing so during the monsoon season.

Eat Healthy

Don't you wish to have rosy lips throughout the year? Then, invest in a healthy diet instead of eating oily and junk foods. Green vegetables and fresh fruits always give rosiness to the lips. They help in keeping your lips healthy, hydrated and fresh. Avoid having roadside food and drinks as water-borne diseases are common during the monsoon months.

Quit Smoking

Want to get rid of those pale patches present on your lips? Then, you must quit smoking. Smoking cigarettes discolours the lips, keeping them dry and dehydrated. So, give up this bad habit and get beautiful lips naturally.

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