Morning & Night-time Skin Rituals To Follow In 30s

After 30s, the skin all of a sudden starts showing changes. Not that you have to visit a dermat on your 30th birthday but gradually little efforts should be taken every day and extra time should be spent on skin in order to keep it looking flawless and ageless.

If the right skin care initiatives are taken at the right time, then the growing age is less visible on the skin.

skin care for 30s

So, after blowing the candles of your 30th birthday cake, start following the suggested day and night-time skin care rituals on a daily basis to have the skin of your dreams. These skin care rituals will protect your skin from getting old and make it appear flawless, as you age.

Morning Skin Care Rituals For Women In Their 30s

Wash Your Face
Beyond anything, the first skin care that women post 30 should start with is, washing their face. Use tap water to wash the entire face before you apply anything else on it. While washing, splash cold or lukewarm water such that all the dirt that is accumulated on your skin all night gets washed off. Pat dry excess water from your face and start your day.

Count On The Sunscreen
Sunscreen application should ideally start once women start working or going out every day. Even if you skip it during your 20s, at 30s you cannot just ignore it. Before makeup or stepping out of the house during daytime, even coat your face and the exposed area of the skin to protect it from getting tanned. Do check the SPF quotient of your sunscreen before you start using it, as it varies according to the skin type.

Add An Ampoule To Your Skin Care
From 30s, ampoules can be used every day on your skin. The right way is combining it with your skin serum and applying it. When using an ampoule on the skin, do end the method with a moisturizer. Ampoules are available from various brands and are of different types. You should use the one that can be applied on the skin every morning.

Night-time Skin Care Rituals For Women In Their 30s

Cleanse Your Face
The first skin care ritual to follow at night is cleansing your face. All day long, the skin gets exposed to dirt and pollutants and washing alone cannot clean it thoroughly. Here comes the role of a cleanser that deep cleanses the skin pores, making you feel refreshed by the end of the day. If you miss out on cleansing your skin every day before bed, the skin does start losing its shine and looks dull.

Don't Skip The Exfoliation
Do not miss out on exfoliation post the 30s. This is impotant, as it exercises your skin and also clears out the dirt and other pollutants. If everyday skin exfoliation is too tough to manage on your schedule, then scrub your face every day and the rest of the body atleast 3 times in a week. When exfoliating, use a mild scrub and do it only with your finger tips.

Must Use An Eye Cream
Women in their 30s must use an eye cream every day before going to sleep. The skin area around the eyes is thin and this makes it turn wrinkly at an earlier stage. To ensure that your eyes do not reflect your age, make sure to use an eye cream. Hence, it is a must use post the age of 30.

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    Story first published: Tuesday, September 5, 2017, 17:00 [IST]
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