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Apply Tamarind On Your Skin And See These Changes

Tamarind is beneficial for your skin and the best part is, you don't have to consume it to enjoy its benefits. The taste of tamarind is not really appealing and thus applying it on the skin is a better option. Use tamarind once in a week in your skincare routine and you will see the difference.

apply tamarind on your skin

You have to use the fruit pulp of tamarind on your skin. Rather than applying it directly, use these tamarind-based skin pack recipes. These might be a little time consuming to prepare but the benefit on your skin is long lasting. Take a look.

Tamarind Face Pack Recipe I: Skin Lightener And Brightener


  • Tamarind
  • Hot Water
  • Turmeric Powder

1. Soak two tamarinds in hot water for 15 minutes.
2. Extract the tamarind pulp (approx one tablespoon).
3. Add only a small pinch of turmeric powder to the tamarind pulp. Mix the two well into a face pack consistency.
4. Spread this on your face and skin.
5. Wash this off from your skin after a wait time of half an hour.

Tamarind Face Pack Recipe II: Scrubber


  • Tamarind
  • Hot Water
  • Hung curd
  • Rock Salt

1. Soak two tamarinds in hot water for 15-minutes.
2. Extract the tamarind pulp (approx one tablespoon).
3. Add half a tablespoon of hund curd to the tamarind paste. Mix.
4. Add a pinch of rock salt to the tamarind and curd mix.
5. Massage this gently for not more than 10 minutes on the pore regions of your skin.
6. Wash your face with lukewarm water and do moisturize.
7. Those who are allergic to curd, can use raw milk instead.

Tamarind Face Pack Recipe III: For Acne-Prone Skin


  • Tamarind
  • Hot Water
  • Lemon Juice
  • Sugar
  • Baking soda

1. You have to soak 3-5 tamarinds in hot water and extract its pulp after 15 minutes.
2. In the tamarind pulp you collect (approx two tablespoons) add half a teaspoon of lime juice and baking soda. Mix the three ingredients.
3. Mix a teaspoon of sugar to the tamarind paste.
4. Apply this as close as to your acne but not on the acne.
5. Wait for 15-20 minutes and then, wash off with cold water.
6. This tamarind pack for acne-prone skin can be used upto three times in a week.

Tamarind Face Pack Recipe IV: Skin Toner


  • Tamarind
  • Water
  • Lavender Essential Oil

1. Boil half a kilo of tamarind in a tumbler full of water for an hour. By the end the colour of the water must change.
2. Let this cool and then strain the tamarind to get only the water.
3. In the cold tamarind water, sprinkle 5-8 drops of lavender essential oil. Mix.
4. You can prepare and store this tamarind skin toner for a week.
5. You can use this tamarind toner recipe on your skin daily.
6. Instead of lavender essential oil, you can also use tea tree oil for this.

Tamarind Face Pack Recipe V: For Instant Glow


  • Tamarind
  • Multani Mitti
  • Sandalwood Powder
  • Hung Curd/Milk
  • Rose Water

1. Soak ten tamarinds in hot water for 15-minutes.
2. Extract the tamarind pulp (approx three tablespoons).
3. In the tamarind pulp, first add the raw milk/hung curd (a teaspoon) and mix.
4. Next add the multani mitti and sandalwood powder (each a teaspoon).
5. On adding the powders, the tamarind paste will become very thick. Slowly add 5-10 drops of rose water to make this into a pack-like consistency. Addition of rose water causes no harm.
6. Coat your skin with this instant glow tamarind pack and relax.
7. Take a bath with lukewarm water after 45 minutes of application.

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    Story first published: Monday, October 9, 2017, 13:00 [IST]
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