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15+ Kitchen Products That Cure Skin Burn

By Kripa Chowdhury

No accident comes with any alarm alert. It can happen anytime and anywhere. In the same way, when it comes to skin burn, despite your hard attempts to avoid it, skin burn might happen. You touched the hot steel utensil, or from the heating iron or the running hot water from your tap.

When the skin gets burnt, it does not even take a second for the blazing sensation to start and the area becomes red. Also, for the person the pain gets so unbearable that one does not know what to do next. However, right after the burn happens, if right measures are taken it can be cured to a great extent.

The discussion and remedy relates to minor kitchen burns or the ones that keep happening at home. However, if it is a major burn and looks bad from any angle, do not hesitate to go to the dermatologist or hospital for immediate help.

remedies to skin burn

Coming to skin burn, there are types of it categorized as first layer skin burn, second layer skin burn, third layer skin burn and fourth layer skin burn. While the first two burns can be treated at home, the last two need immediate medical help.

Coming to the remedies for skin burn, all these products are easily availabe in the kitchen and after the accident, you should first go there to find atleast one of these for immediate relief from skin burn.

Please note, whichever kitchen product to pick to heal your skin burn, none can create magic in one go. You have to keep repeating the use of the kitchen products you think you will apply to the burn and repeat its usage till complete healing.

Some burns heal fast while some take time, depending on the depth of it. The more a skin burn has penetrated into the skin - the more time it takes for recovery.


One of the old school remedies for skin burn is ice. However, do not press an ice directly on the affected area as it stops the blood flow of the zone and can react. Also, direct application on skin burn cannot be beared by the patient.

So, apply ice pack instead from around the burn zone and gradually reach the spot. If the burn has just happened, first place that area under running cold water and let the sensation go down. Then, you can use ice for a week or more, depending on requirement.

Tooth Paste

Do not count tooth paste as the first applicant on your burn. Begin with cold water and when the burn calms down, use a wipe or tissue to tap dry the area. Then, you can apply the toothpaste on and around the burn zone.

In case you have an old toothpaste at home, try going for that as it renders faster result. However, toothpaste now comes in many flavours and kinds. For skin burns, a mint flavoured white coloured tooth paste is ideal.

Lavender Oil

One of the simple ways to treat skin burn is applying lavender oil. Start by applying drops of it which will get absorbed and you have to continue using. When buying lavender oil for skin burns, ensure you get the diluted version only.

Initially start applying lavender oil five times a day; this can later be reduced to three and one thereafter. The use of lavender oil on burn marks has been accepted globally by generations now.


There are many kinds of vinegars in the kitchen and in case of burns you should stick to white vinegar only. White vinegar contains a component of aspirin called acetic acid, which helps in reducing the pain and inflammation of the burn.

It also does not allow blisters to happen. To apply white vinegar on top of the burn area, you can use a clean piece of cloth or cotton and dab the burn area with the same.


Known as one of the oldest ingredients used for wound healing, honey can be used to get relief from skin burns. Applying honey on the burnt area should be continued for long until all dead cells are removed and the new ones are generated.

Being anti biotic in nature, honey also kills the micro-organisms and bacteria of the burn area. Upon applying honey, the area might get sticky but do not use a gauge or bandage over this. Also, for faster recovery a medical honey is better than usual ones.

Aloe Vera

When hunting for remedies of skin burn do not miss aloe vera. The best way to apply aloe vera gel is getting a leaf from the aloe plant from near the main branch and splitting the same lengthwise.

You will see a transparent gel here, which needs to be applied on the skin burn. As the aloe gel will penetrate your burn, you have to repeat applying it. Aloe vera is also available in cosmetics store in the form of gel. Though those also work on skin burns but going for the fresh gel is a better option.

Egg White

The faster you can apply egg whites to your skin burns, the better it is. The process is simple - use only the egg white. Beat the egg white and apply it on the burn. Let it dry. Application of egg white reduces the skin burn pain and also lets the redness come down.


Ask your granny or mommy or aunt - all must be knowing about the use of turmeric as a remedy to skin burn. Do not count on turmeric as the first ingredient to use. You can start with washing the skin burn area, drying it and then applying turmeric.

To apply turmeric in treating skin burn, you have to make a thick paste of it by diluting in cold water. Equal amount of milk and turmeric powder can be combined to form a thick paste and applied on the skin burn. One time application of the turmeric paste is not the ideal way. The burn victim should use the paste for atleast a week or more to see the difference created by the antiseptic agent, turmeric.

Tea Bags

Very ideal in case of first degree and second degree burns, tea bags of black tea can be used to heal a burn. The black tea bag contains tannic acid which reduces the heat of the burn and heals it over time. Start by washing the affected area with cold water, pat it dry and then, place a tea bag.

The tea bag should be dipped in cold water for quite sometime for it to rightly work on the burn. When using tea bag on skin burn, you can use a bandage or gauge to keep the teabag in place. Also, when you will change tea bags few drops of tea might be on the burn - this is good and you don't need to wipe it off.

Coconut Oil & Lemon Juice

The skin penetrating nature of coconut oil makes it a must count among remedies for skin burn. When the skin burn is at a novice stage, you can apply coconut oil directly. When gradually the burnt skin dries up - you can mix some lime water to the coconut oil before applying it. Adding frankincense oil, lavender oil and tea tree oil to coconut oil makes the skin healing process faster.


Another effective remedy for skin burn is papaya, the ripe one. Papaya aces the antiphlogistic and antibacterial actions on the burn. While treating the skin burn, papaya does not allow leucocytes to produce oxygen and nitrogen too much that can worsen the burn. Make a thick papaya pulp in the mixer and you can use it as many times you want on the skin burn. Instead of the fruit, you can also use papaya gel on the burn.


When counting on potato to treat your skin burn, you have to first prepare the poultice. To prepare the poultice, get some fresh potato, wash, peel, slice and grate them. The grated version of the potato is the poultice which you can directly apply on the skin burn. The potato may fall out of place from your skin burn but, you can always use a medical gauge to keep it fixed. Repeat appying poultice on the skin burn until completely cured.

Cold Milk

To let your parched skin get its glam back, count milk as an effective skin burn remedy. Ensure the milk is fat full as the protein and fat in it makes the wonder treatment possible. You can pour cold milk on the affected area directly for more than 15 minutes, or place a cloth on the burn that is dabbed with cold milk. To do both of these, the first check should be that the milk is cold enough or refrigerated.


Exaclty how you can apply cold milk on the skin burn, you can also apply yoghurt. Ensure the yoghurt is cold and fresh. As yoghurt is thick in nature, you have to spare a few minutes to let it dry. Continuous application of yoghurt even does not allow the burn mark to happen.

Soya Sauce

Despite all your efforts if a blister has popped up on the affected area and you are wondering what next? Then, the remedy is soya sauce. Apply a generous amount of soya sauce on the burn area and wrap the place with paper towels. Try doing this before going to bed and leaving overnight. In case of small blisters, they get disappeared in a day or two. For big blisters, you might have to repeat the soya sauce treatment some more time.


Another effective remedy for skin burn is onions. However, only fresh onions work on burns. Cut the onion and for immediate relief place a slice of it on the burn. While the out of the breath circumstance is in control, grate the same onion and extract its juice. Continue applying juice of the onion on skin burn for effective remedy.

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Story first published: Monday, June 19, 2017, 20:00 [IST]
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