Why To Use Ghee For Hair And Skin?

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When it is all about having healthy and beautiful skin, we do not stay away from trying some of the home ingredients. We are here to share a few reasons as to why you can use ghee for hair care and skin care.

The word "ghee" makes us think about food, isn't it? Though ghee or clarified butter is used as one of the staple ingredients in most Indian kitchens, it has its own beauty benefits for the skin and hair as well.

Generally, ghee is made by cooking butter until all the moisture gets removed and all the milk solids are caramelised. As a result, golden purified butter is formed, which is very rich and useful for healthy skin, hair and is also a great kitchen ingredient.

Read on to know more about these beauty benefits of ghee and pamper your skin and hair with this magical ingredient. Check the list of these amazing beauty benefits that ghee has to offer.


It Makes Your Skin Glow

When you massage your skin with a dollop of ghee, it has it's magical effect. It helps to lock the moisture in your skin, and thus it protects your skin from getting dry.


Moisturises Your Skin

All you need to do is to apply ghee and massage it gently, be it your face, arms or legs. Let it nourish your skin well. Take a shower with lukewarm water after this. The result is soft and supple skin.


Prevents Ageing Of The Skin

It is one of the best natural anti-ageing solutions. If massaged on skin every day, it offers pretty impressive results. It also avoids premature ageing as well.


Substitutes Bath Oil

It will make your skin silky smooth, when it is used as a bath oil. To get better results, you can combine equal quantities of ghee and coconut oil and apply the oil mixture on to your skin. Wash it with lukewarm water to see the results for yourself.


Lightens Pigmented Lips

This is one of the best beauty benefits of ghee. All you need to do is do a good lip massage with pure ghee on your lips. This helps to reduce the pigmentation to a great extent. To lighten dark lips, start massaging them with this ingredient every night. And see the result within a week's time.


Cures Chapped Lips

Dab some ghee on your finger tips and massage your lips with it. It helps to provide your lips with all the fatty acids that are required to lock in the moisture. This helps to prevent the chapping of lips and keeps them soft and nourished.


Hair Treatment For Coarse Dry Hair

Apply some warm ghee on your scalp and tips of your hair, wait for an hour before shampooing your hair. This helps to reduce the split ends and also keeps your scalp nourished.

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Story first published: Friday, February 5, 2016, 10:30 [IST]
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